All Visiting Scholars

Name Project
Graduate Fellow
Heath Blackmon
University of Texas-Arlington (Arlington,TX)

Comprehensive analysis of the rates and patterns of sex chromosome evolution in arthropods
Lomax Boyd
Duke University

Enhancing the synthesis of new evolutionary models of fertility using new media
Barbara H. Dobrin
University of Arizona (Tucson,AZ)

Tracing the Origins of an Endemic Flora, and Extending a Study of Divergence Dating Disparity
Paul Durst
Duke University

Evaluating patterns and trends in insular body size evolution
Alannie-Grace Grant
University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh,PA)

Do selfers have greater habitat diversity in their range than outcrossers?
Daniel Griffith
Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem,NC)

Origins of the C4 grassland system: phylogenetic biome assembly
Anna Hiatt
Oklahoma State University (USA)
(308) 201 0729

Evaluation of the Validity and Reliability of the Evo Devo Concept Inventory
Kelly Houck
Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina

Can gut immunodysregulation induce concurrent adiposity gains and growth restrictions?
Kristin Lamm
North Carolina State Univerisity

A quantitative way to identify ancestors in the fossil record
Michael Landis
UC Berkeley (Berkeley,CA)

Bayesian model testing of Bergmann’s Rule on mammalian biogeography
Libby Liggins
The University of Queensland (AUSTRALIA)

Nestedness and turnover in the genetic diversity of marine species in the Indo-Pacific Ocean
Luke Mahler
Harvard University

Improving and testing ecological models of phenotypic diversification
Raunaq Malhotra
Pennsylvania State University (University Park,PA)

Methods for reconstructing viral haplotypes and their phylogenies based on DNA sequencing data
Bret Moore
Purdue University

Do retinal specializations reflect ecology? an evolutionary perspective.
Benjamin Morris
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

GeoPhy: integrating geography and phylogenies to support marine biodiversity research.
Matthew Pennell
University of Idaho

Angiosperm Evolution and Diversification Within Adaptive Zones
Nimrod D Rubinstein
Tel-Aviv University

Detection of clade-specific accelerations and decelerations in gene evolutionary rates
Elizabeth Scordato
University of Chicago

The role of divergence in multiple sexually selected traits in speciation by sexual selection
Sarah Seiter
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Distinguishing trait value and trait plasticity in the evolution of reaction norms
Kate Thomas
Duke University

Physical and ecological parameters driving the evolution of bioluminescence
Christopher Torres
University of North Carolina-Wilmington (Wilmington,NC)

Synthesizing phylogenetic, eco-morphological and fossil data to predict evolutionary rates among flamingos (Phoenicopteridae)
Gaurav Vaidya
University of Colorado Boulder

LinkedNames: a nomenclatural triple-store for name reconciliation
Yasmin von Dassow
Duke University Marine Lab (Beaufort, NC)

Ecology and phylogenetic history as predictors of developmental mode in marine gastropods
Kara Walker
Duke University

Personality and Transfer Outcomes in Female Chimpanzees at Gombe National Park
Rachel Warnock
University of Bristol

2012 sees the 50th birthday of the molecular clock, but has it reached maturity?
Matthew Wilkins
University of Colorado at Boulder (Boulder,CO)

Factors shaping acoustic signal evolution and implications for decision-making contexts
pinar yoldas
Duke University

The Very Loud Orchestra of Endangered Species
David Zonana
University of Colorado at Boulder (Boulder,CO)

How do sexual signals mediate social interactions?: social network theory and the evolution of dynamic signal traits by sexual selection
Journalist in Residence
Carrie Arnold
Freelance writer (Williamsburg, VA)

Our Microbial Minds: How Microbes Make Us Human
Peter Brannen

Mass Extinction and Recovery Book
Robert Chaney
Missoulian newspaper

Wilderness at 50
Aaron Dubrow
Texas Advanced Computing Center

Following the Sequence
Lynn L Fellman
Fellman Studio Inc.
(612) 787 6255
I am a Multi. An iBook about human genetic ancestry.
Ilan Greenberg
freelance (New York)

The science and surveillance of zoonotic diseases
Michael Martin

Margie Profet's Unfinished Symphony
Mark Moffett
National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution

Human Identity and the Evolution of Societies
Molly Samuel

Shipwrecked on Dry Land: a documentary for public radio
Rebecca E Searles
The Huffington Post

Applied Evolutionary Psychology and the Future of Human Evolution
Suhail Yusuf
Dawn group of news paper

Paleostan - or - Fossilstan -- the untold story of fossils from Pakistan
Long-term Sabbatical
Michael Antolin
Colorado State University

Sabbatical book project: genetics of small populations
Carola Borries
Department of Anthropology
(919) 668 4580

Principles of Primate Life Histories
Martin Burd
Monash University (AUSTRALIA)
(919) 684 1615
Sexual dimorphism and sexual allocation in flowering plants: a synthesis of data
Christina M Caruso
University of Guelph (CANADA)
(919) 684 1615

The evolutionary ecology of genetic conflict in plants
James S Chisholm
University of Western Australia

Emotion and the Evolution of Culture
John Clamp
North Carolina Central University

1) attracting minority graduate applicants into careers in evolutionary biology and 2) develop research in molecular systematics
Jeffrey K Conner
Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan State University

Synthesizing data on natural selection and genetics across multiple scales
Quentin Cronk
University of British Columbia

Creating an evolutionary dataspace for plants: allowing phylogenetic, morphological and gene ontologies to collide gracefully
Kathleen Donohue
Duke University
(919) 381 4478
How genetic pathways influence organismal responses to climate change
Stephen d'Orgeix
Virginia State University
(919) 668 4575

Evolution courses, mountaintop lizards and a view toward the future research
Douglas Eernisse
California State University-Fullerton
(919) 668 4591

Chiton phylogeny and comparative phylogeography
Adam Eyre-Walker
University of Sussex

1) distribution of fitness effects of new mutations and 2) the rate of adaptive evolution
Joseph Fail
Johnson C Smith University
(919) 668 4594

Designing and teaching an evolution curriculum for elementary students
George Gilchrist
College of William and Mary

The evolution of performance curves in seasonal environments
Uri Gophna
Tel Aviv University (ISRAEL)

Do microbial immune systems reduce lateral gene transfer in prokaryotic genomes?
Dorothee Huchon
Tel-Aviv University

Current view of rodent phylogenetic relationships
James H Hunt
North Carolina State Univerisity
(919) 668 4595

The origins of arthropod sociality
James H Hunt
North Carolina State Univerisity
(919) 668 4595

The evolution of sociality
Boris Igic
University of Illinois at Chicago

The History and Consequences of Self-incompatibility in Flowering Plants
Boris Igic
University of Illinois at Chicago

The History and Consequences of Self-incompatibility in Flowering Plants
Susan Kalisz
University of Pittsburgh
(919) 334 0829

Shedding new light on Baker’s Law through synthesis
Elizabeth Lacey
University of North Carolina-Greensboro
(919) 668 4594

Temperature and the evolution of floral design
Paul Lewis
University of Connecticut

Incorporation of all maximum likelihood phylogenetic analyses currently performed by paup*4b10 into phycas.
John M Logsdon
University of Iowa
(919) 668 4594
Sex, cells: an evolutionary inquiry into sexual reproduction
Owen McMillan
University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras Campus

Relational evolutionary database for heliconius butterflies
Armin Moczek
Indiana University-Bloomington
(919) 339 9733

The nature of nurture: how environmental and genetic information interact to shape development and evolution
Sarah Otto
University of British Columbia
(919) 668 4590

A community approach to evolutionary theory
Aditi Pai
Spelman College
(678) 352 1572
Targeted Sabbaticals for MSI faculty:Biology of women-an evolutionary perspective
Robert T. Pennock
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Darwinian design: from artificial life to evolving intelligence
Tal Pupko
Tel-Aviv University

Evolutionary models accounting for multi-layer selection pressures
Weigang Qiu
Hunter College, City University of New York

Bioinformatics: building a novel and effective career path to evolutionary biology
Grant Ramsey
University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame,IN)

The evoText Project
Michael S Rosenberg
Arizona State University

Geography, phylogeny, and population: an evolutionary synthesis
Bernd Schierwater
TiHo Hannover

New dimensions of synthesis: from single animal observation to planetory genomics in Placozoa
Malcolm Schug
University of North Carolina-Greensboro
(919) 668 4590

The role of crossing-over and recombination in adaptive evolution
Dena Smith
University of Colorado
(919) 668 7993

Evolution of the Coleoptera: A Paleontological Perspective
Mike Wade
Indiana University (Bloomington,IN)

A Critical Synthesis of Indirect Genetic Effects in Adaptive Evolution
Alexander Weiss
The University of Edinburgh

The Personalities and Life Histories of the Gombe Chimpanzees
Michael Whitlock
University of British Columbia
(919) 668 4575

Evolution in a spatial context: a synthesis of theory and review
Sarah Zehr
Duke Lemur Center
(919) 668 4596

Preservation and analysis of 45 years of prosimian primate data from the Duke Lemur Center
Postdoctoral Fellow
Josh R Auld
(919) 668 4074
Evaluating the effects of inbreeding on dispersal
Carlos A. Botero

Evolution of conventional signals: from individuals to populations and back
Gordon Burleigh
University of California-Berkeley
(919) 668 4580

A phylogenetic database for comparative biology in land plants
Tami Cruickshank

Population genetics of maternal effects and their influence on molecular evolution
Kirsten Fisher
University of California-Berkeley

The phylogenomics of desiccation tolerance in the land plants
Courtney L Fitzpatrick

Expanded Bateman Gradients: a synthetic refinement of sexual selection theory
Clinton D Francis

Acoustic signal space conservatism: a framework for signal flexibility in noise
Ganeshkumar Ganapathy
University of Texas-Austin
(919) 668 4583

New dcm methods for ml, and pattern identification in biogeography
Joshua Granek
Johns Hopkins University
(919) 668 4582

Comparative genomic studies of the sequences responsible for the regulation of gene expression
Mira Han

Gene evolution in genomic context: Integrating genomic location into gene evolution models
Paul G Harnik
(919) 668 4074
Ecological controls on evolutionary rates in marine systems
Einat Hazkani-Covo
Tel-Aviv University
(919) 668 4580

Numt variation in metazoan genomes: gain, loss, duplication and possible function
Joe Hereford
Florida State University

Adaptive divergence between natural populations
Kate Hertweck

Comparative biology of transposable element proliferation
Jason Hoeksema
University of California-Santa Cruz

When are coevolving species locally adapted to each other? a meta-analysis.
Samantha Hopkins
University of California-Berkeley
(919) 668 9109

The evolution of mammalian fossoriality: causes and consequences
David Kidd
University of St. Andrews
(919) 668 4583

Phylogeographical information science: linking phylogenies and earth history
Daniel Ksepka

Large scale patterns of disparity between the fossil record and divergence dating analyses
Marc J. Lajeunesse
(919) 668 4580
Meta-analysis and the comparative phylogenetic method
Jonathan Lombard
(919) 668 9107
Early membrane cellular functions: new insights from phylogenetic comparisons
Joshua Martin

Quantitative Predictions of RNA Evolution
Lauren W. McCall
University of Cambridge
(919) 668 9107
Building a framework for the study of cultural evolution
Jenny L McGuire
(510) 847 5248
Examining paleontological extinction patterns to predict modern extinction vulnerability
Julie A Meachen
(919) 668 4074
Competition, guild structure and evolution in the carnivora
Fabricia Nascimento

The evolutionary dynamics of endogenous retroviruses
Brian C O'Meara
University of California-Davis
(919) 668 9109

Methods to examine trait evolution on trees: advancing the field
Samantha Price
University of Virginia
(919) 668 4583

Cetartiodactyl evolution: understanding the evolutionary transition from the terrestrial to the aquatic biome
Benjamin D Redelings
(919) 668 9101

Improved probabilistic models of insertion/deletion for phylogenetic inference
Liam J Revell
(919) 668 4580
Process and pattern in the phylogenetic analysis of comparative data
Trina E Roberts
(919) 668 9107
Sticky tips and misplaced roots: is there a bias in intraspecific phylogenetics?
Rafael F Rubio de Casas
(919) 668 9107
Dispersal evolution in the angiosperms: the origin of heterocarpy
Juan C Santos
(919) 668 4583
Multivariate evolutionary analysis: integrating structural equation modeling and phylogenetics
Elizabeth J Sbrocco

Exploring environmental correlates of range limits across a marine biodiversity hotspot
Eric Schuettpelz
(919) 452 6034
A phylogenetic approach to understanding the evolution of the earth's biomes
Brian L. Sidlauskas
University of Chicago
(919) 668 9107

Understanding parallel morphological diversification in sister fish faunas
N. Adam Smith
(919) 668 9109

Evaluating effects of temporal distribution of fossil calibrations on divergence analyses
Stephen Smith
(919) 668 9109

Integrating species distribution modeling and phylogenetics
Paula Spaeth
Stanford University
(919) 668 9109

Competition and meso-evolutionary change in the mammalian fossil record
Peter J Unmack
(919) 668 9107
A gis based approach to a priori prediction in aquatic biogeography.
Jeremy Van Cleve

Mechanistic trade-offs in evolution of microbial sociality, plasticity, virulence
Jennifer Verdolin

Integrating behavioral syndromes into social networks: optimal distribution of phenotypes and group stability.
Gregor Yanega
(919) 668 9109

A comparative phylogenetic approach to the study of insular avian phenotypes
Amy Zanne
Masaryk University-Brno

Hydraulic efficiency and safety: do tradeoffs have an evolutionary basis in the rosids
Derrick Zwickl
University of Kansas

Implementation and investigation of codon and amino acid models in maximum likelihood phylogenetic software
Short-term Visitor
Rachel Adams
University of California-Berkeley

Meta-Analysis of Microbial Datasets from Built Environments
Michael Alfaro
Washington State University
(509) 263 7365

Integrating fossil and molecular data in the study of diversification
Meghan Balk
University of New Mexico (Albuquerque,NM)

Predator-Prey Interactions: Drivers of Mammalian Body Size Evolution
Ashley Bateman
University of Oregon

Meta-Analysis of Microbial Datasets from Built Environments
Beaux Berkeley
James Madison University

Multi-model analysis of biased birth sex ratios in captive prosimians at the DLC
Beaux Berkeley
James Madison University (Harrisonburg,VA)

Life history and environmental factors driving variation in mammalian sex allocation
Beaux Berkeley
James Madison University

Summarizing a multi-model analysis of biased birth sex ratios in captive prosimians at the DLC
Holly Bik
University of California-Davis

Meta-Analysis of Microbial Datasets from Built Environments
Alan Bittles
Murdoch University

The mating structure of early human populations, and its genetic consequences
Lisa Boucher
University of Texas (Austin,TX)

Landscape and Population Dynamics of the Cretaceous Angiosperm Radiation
Yaniv Brandvain
UC Davis

Does mother-fetus coevolution lead to coadaptation?
Martin Burd
Monash University
(919) 684 1615
Global patterns of color evolution of bird-pollinated flowers
Patricia Cabezas
Brigham Young University (BYU)

The anomuran morphospace: testing alternative evolutionary pathways and diversification patterns in a highly disparate clade
Ryan Calsbeek
Dartmouth College (Hanover,NH)

The adaptive landscape in evolutionary biology Ryan Calsbeek
Christina M Caruso
University of Guelph
(919) 684 1615

The strength of phenotypic selection on floral traits
Christina M Caruso
University of Guelph
(919) 684 1615

Gynodioecy and the evolution of separate sexes in the flowering plants
Louise Comas
University of California-Davis

Character evolution in root systems of woody plants
Jeremy Chase Crawford
University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley,CA)

Bridging Ontogeny, Mechanism, and Function in the Study of Complex Animal Signals
Tal Dagan
Duesseldorf University

The frequency and evolution of lateral gene transfer by dna repair mechanisms
Nathaniel J Dominy
Dartmouth College

Synthesis and test of the sensory drive hypothesis
Roi Dor
Cornell University (Ithaca,NY)

Applying new phylogenetic comparative methods to analyze character evolution in swallows
Mario dos Reis
University College London (UNITED KINGDOM)

Integrating molecular sequence data and morphological character evolution to date species divergences
Oliver Eulenstein
Iowa State University

Gene tree parsimony for genome-scale studies
Lynn L Fellman
Fellman Studio Inc.
(612) 787 6255
Visions of Neanderkin: comparing ancient and modern genomes through art and narrative
Lila Fishman
University of Montana

Genetic conflict and plant evolution
Else Fjerdingstad
Last Queens College CUNY, currently none

What shapes the global patterns of mating strategies in social insects?
Gordon A Fox
University of South Florida

Toward a general theory of biological invasions
Diddahally Govindaraju
Boston University

Signatures of multilevel selection in human health
Jessica Gurevitch
State University of New York-Stony Brook

Toward a general theory of biological invasions
Rob Gysel
UC Davis (Davis,CA)

Why are Read-Overlap Graphs Computationally Tractable?
Frank Hailer
Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F)

Balancing Selection and Mate Choice at the Major Histocompatibility Complex
Breana Hall
University of Washington-Seattle (Seattle,WA)

An Improved Web Tool to Assess Recombination
Luke Harmon
University of Idaho

Integrating fossil and molecular data in the study of diversification
Corey Hart
Drexel University College of Medicine

Seeing is believing: Creating 3D environments to facilitate evolutionary education.
Sabine Hennequin
University of Paris

Phylogenetic rate heterogeneity and evolution in filmy ferns hymenophyllaceae)
Andrew L. Hipp
The Morton Arboretum

Estimating the probability of continuous character transitions on trees
Samantha Hopkins
University of Oregon
(919) 668 9109

Evolution of mammalian dietary strategies and the importance of omnivory
Willem Hordijk
(919) 668 4592
Evolution and Excess Complexity
David Houle
Florida State University

Measurement theory and evolutionary rates
Katharina Huber
University of East Anglia

New applications of phylogenetic combinatorics
Gene Hunt
Smithsonian Institution

Integrating fossil and molecular data in the study of diversification
Aaron W Hunter
PETRONAS University of Technology

The evolutionary development of species gradient and hybridization in indo-pacific deep water crinoid populations
Travis Ingram
University of British Columbia

Divergence on multiple niche axes during adaptive radiation: an evolutionary metacommunity simulation model
Matina Kalcounis-Rüppell
UNC Greensboro

Potential for peripheral populations to mitigate core extinctions: bats and white nose syndrome.
Jessica Kissinger
University of Georgia

Tools to Study the Evolution of Host-Pathogen Interactions
Robert Lanfear
Australian National University
(919) 668 4592
Synthesising methods and data to understand the mutational processes that shape genomes
Shane Lavery
University of Auckland

Connectivity of new zealand coastal marine communities: a synthesis of datasets
Lee Hsiang Liow
University of Oslo

The effects of sampling on the inference of the timing of diversifications
Graeme Lloyd
Macquarie University

Generating new models for detecting phylogenetic signals of endemism and dispersal
Hafiz Maherali
University of Guelph (CANADA)

Influence of photosynthetic capacity on the evolution of plant fungal interactions.
Hafiz Maherali
University of Guelph

Exploring ecological and evolutionary causes of the plant-fungal symbiosis
Hafiz Maherali
University of Guelph

Physiological and climate niche consequences of genome duplication in angiosperms
Luke Mahler
Harvard University

New tools for investigating replicated adaptive radiation
Yi Mao
University of Tennessee-Knoxville (Knoxville,TN)

Identifying positively selected amino acid residues in hiv-1 envelope protein: a dynamic simulation approach
Jonathan D Marcot
University of Illinois

Paleontological and phylogenetic approaches to the study of diversification and extinction
James Meadow
University of Oregon

Meta-Analysis of Microbial Datasets from Built Environments
Iliana Medina Guzman
Universidad de los Andes (COLOMBIA)

Tamra Mendelson
University of Maryland - Baltimore County

New Directions in Sexual Selection: A Synthesis in Preparation for a Book
Peter E Midford
(919) 668 4005

Alignment of phenotype ontologies
Scott Miller
University of Montana-Missoula (Missoula,MT)

Evolutionary trade-offs in natural versus engineered enzymes
Vincent Moulton
University of East Anglia (UNITED KINGDOM)

New applications of phylogenetic combinatorics
Courtney Murren
College of Charleston

Reaction Norm Evolution
Brad Oberle
George Washington University

Evolutionary and ecological consequences of mycorrhizal states in plants
Lennart Olsson
Jena University

The origin of evolutionary novelties in amphibian head development
Alejandra Ortiz Medrano
Instituto de Ecologia, UNAM

The role of environmental heterogeneity in diversity-area relationships
Charles Pence
University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame,IN)

The evoText Project
Alexander Platt
University of Southern California

Estimating the probability of continuous character transitions on trees
Frans Plooij
International Research-institute on Infant Studies

Translation of field notes for developmental study of chimpanzee vocal communication
Frans Plooij
International Research-institute on Infant Studies

Translation of field notes for developmental study of chimpanzee vocal communication, Part 2: Adults
Roy Plotnick
University of Illinois

Movement paleoecology, trace fossils, and the evolution of behavior
Roy Plotnick
University of Illinois at Chicago

Paleontology and Phylogeny of Insect Ears
Mary Poss
Pennsylvania State University
(919) 404 7061

Evolutionary dynamics of a recently colonized, transcriptionally active endogenous retrovirus.
Russell Powell
Boston University (Boston,MA)

Theoretical Implications of Convergent Evolution: The Tape of Life Reconsidered
Samantha Price
UC Davis
(919) 668 4583

Evolution of mammalian dietary strategies and the importance of omnivory
Beren Robinson
Department of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph

Predicting relationships between trait mean and plasticity in flexible organisms
Rachel C Rodman

“Branches Springing from One Root”: New Lectures in Evolution, Incorporating Themes from Shakespeare’s Plays
Sarah Rolfes
TiHo Hannover, ITZ, Division of Ecology and Evolution

Evolution of the p53-network in Placozoa
Howard A Ross
University of Auckland (NEW ZEALAND)

Species delimitation using networks
Laura Ross
University of Edinburgh

Major transition in the evolution of invertebrate reproduction and sex determination
Carl Rothfels
University of British Columbia (CANADA)

Phylogenomic error and the molecular clock
Brandon Routman

Explaining the Framing Effect through Evolutionary Analysis
Olav Rueppell
University of North Carolina-Greensboro

The influence of genetic architecture on the effect of sex and recombination on genotypic offspring diversity
Rebecca Safran
University of Colorado

New Directions in Sexual Selection: A Synthesis in Preparation for a Book
Rebecca Safran
University of Colorado

An Integrative Evolutionary Approach to Examine Sexual Selection as a Mechanism of Speciation
Emanuele Serrelli
University of Milano Bicocca

What is evolutionary synthesis? The NESCent experience
Carl Simpson
Museum fuer Naturkunde, Leibniz Institute at the Humboldt University Berlin

Understanding the role of coloniality and photosymbiosis in coral macroevolution
Inderjit Singh
University of Delhi

Toward a general theory of biological invasions
Pamela S Soltis
University of Florida
(352) 359 0558

Reconstructing the Great Tree of Life
Douglas Soltis
University of Florida

Reconstructing the great tree of life
Laura Soul
University of Oxford (UNITED KINGDOM)

Generating new models for detecting phylogenetic signals of endemism and dispersal
Charles Stayton
Bucknell University

Tools for measuring the magnitude and significance of convergent evolution
Daniel Taub
Southwestern University

Toward a general theory of biological invasions
Yonas Tekle
Spelman College (Atlanta,GA)

In Search of the Molecular Signs of Sex in Amoebozoa
Erica Tennenhouse
University of Toronto (CANADA)

Heritability of body mass in sexually monomorphic animals
Rubén Torices
Universidade de Coimbra

The evolution of dispersal syndromes: a case study with the tribe Cichorieae (Asteraceae)
Francisco Ubeda
Royal Holloway University of London

Does mother-fetus coevolution lead to coadaptation?
Vladimir Vershinin
Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology

Longitudinal Study of Amphibian Populations in Urban and Natural Environment
Peter Waddell
Ronin Institute

Information Theory, Robust Statistics and Diagnostics For Phylogenomics
Glenda M Wardle
University of Sydney

Toward a general theory of biological invasions
Claire Williams
Forest History Society
(919) 672 7050

Evolutionary Dynamics of Forests under climate change
Triangle Visiting Scholar
Tyler Curtain
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
(919) 672 7050

Darwin and Nietzsche: evolutionary thought within literary theory
Visiting Scientist
Jim P Balhoff
(919) 668 4864

Duke phylogenetic consultant
Wasila Dahdul
University of South Dakota
(919) 668 4598

Phenoscape curation
Jane Greenberg
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
(919) 668 4598

Information Science for Evolutionary Informatics
Clara B. B. Jones
Fayetteville State University
(910) 672 1575

Comparative sociobiology and behavioral ecology
Katia Koelle
Duke University
(910) 672 1575

Mathematical models and statistical methods for understanding the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of viral infectious diseases
Robert Peet
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
(910) 672 1575

Application of taxon concepts in biodiversity informatics
Heather Piwowar
National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
(910) 672 1575

Availability and Reuse of Scientific Datasets
Martin Ramirez
(910) 672 1575

Connecting best practices experiences and user interface development for morphological databases
V. Louise Roth
Duke University
(919) 660 7352

Squirrels as models in macroevolution; scaling
David L Swofford
(919) 668 4591

The theory and methodology of phylogenetic inference from molecular sequences and morphological data
Jijun Tang
University of South Carolina-Columbia
(919) 668 4591

Phylogenetic reconstruction from gene-order data
Sarah Zehr
Duke Lemur Center
(919) 668 4596

Preservation and analysis of 45 years of prosimian primate data from the Duke Lemur Center