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Crawford, Jeremy Chase and Drea, Christine M.. 2015, Data from: Baby on board: olfactory cues indicate pregnancy and fetal sex in a non-human primate, Dryad Digital Repository 2015 Jeremy Chase Crawford
Plooij, Frans X., van de Rijt-Plooij, Hetty, Fischer, Martha and Pusey, Anne. 2015, Data from: Longitudinal recordings of the vocalizations of immature Gombe chimpanzees for developmental studies, Dryad Digital Repository 2015 Anne Pusey
Conner, Jeffrey K., Mills, Cynthia J., Koelling, Vanessa A. and Karoly, Keith. 2014, Data from: Artificial selection on anther exsertion in wild radish, Raphanus raphanistrum, Dryad Digital Repository 2014
The Tree of Sex Consortium,, Ashman, Tia-Lynn, Bachtrog, Doris, Blackmon, Heath, Goldberg, Emma E., Hahn, Matthew W., Kirkpatrick, Mark, Kitano, Jun, Mank, Judith E., Mayrose, Itay, Ming, Ray, Otto, Sarah P., Peichel, Catherine L., Pennell, Matthew W., Perrin, Nicolas, Ross, Laura, Valenzuela, Nicole and Vamosi, Jana C.. 2014, Data from: Tree of sex: a database of sexual systems, Dryad Digital Repository 2014 Tia-Lynn Ashman, Doris Bachtrog, Heath Blackmon, Mark Kirkpatrick, Jun Kitano, Itay Mayrose, Ray Ming, Nicolas Perrin, Laura Ross, Nicole Valenzuela
This product consists of an updated, new version of this software for conducting phylogenetic mixed meta-analysis models using likelihood methods. One of our working group members, Dr. Wolfgang Viechtbauer, responded to our group needs (and the needs of the broader scientific community) by adding the capability of fitting arbitrary random effects and one or more phylogenies in his meta-analysis package in R, metafor. This package was already the most powerful in R for meta-analysis with maximum likelihood model fitting, and now has significantly broader applicability to a wide range of model structures. Working group members provided significant feedback about the desired capabilities in this package, and Dr. Viechtbauer has since completed an official release of the new version of the package. New is the function, which allows specification of an arbitrary number of random effects, and known correlation matrices. This new version was released on 5/5/2014. 2014 Jason Hoeksema
Zehr, Sarah M., Roach, Richard G., Haring, David, Taylor, Julie, Cameron, Freda H. and Yoder, Anne D.. 2014, Data from: Life history profiles for 27 strepsirrhine primate taxa generated using captive data from the Duke Lemur Center, Dryad Digital Repository 2014
Alberts SC, Altmann J, Brockman DK, Cords M, Fedigan LM, Pusey A, Stoinski TS, Strier KB, Morris WF, Bronikowski AM (2013) Data from: Reproductive aging patterns in primates reveal that humans are distinct. Dryad Digital Repository. doi:10.5061/dryad.m327n 2013 Susan C Alberts, Jeanne Altmann, Diane K. Brockman, Marina Cords, Linda M Fedigan, Anne Pusey, Tara Stoinski, Karen B Strier, Bill Morris, Anne Bronikowski
A tool for converting a VUE diagram document to an OWL ontology. 2013 Jim P Balhoff
Davis AM, Unmack PJ, Pusey BJ, Pearson RG, Morgan DL (2013) Data from: Ontogenetic development of intestinal length and relationships to diet in an Australasian fish family (Terapontidae). Dryad Digital Repository. doi:10.5061/dryad.h30t5 2013 Peter J Unmack
Dragan, M., Priyam, A., & Wurm, Y. 2013. GeneValidator: Identify problems with gene predictions. GeneValidator identifies problems with gene predictions and provides information based on the similarities to genes in public databases. Results of prediction validation can inform sequencing curation and improvement of approaches and tools for gene prediction. GeneValidator was designed for use by biologists who want to validate data obtained in their own laboratories. 2013 Yannick Wurm, Monica-Andreea Dragan, Anurag Priyam
Fanaswala, I., Rambaut, A. Suchard, M., & Guindon, S. 2013. Optimizing tree evaluation in PhyML with the BEAGLE Library. Optimized PhyML with BEAGLE to parallelize (1) partial likelihoods computations and (2) P-matrix updating (i.e. matrix multiplication). 2013 Andrew Rambaut, Marc Suchard, Stephane Guindon, Imran Fanaswala
Frandsen, P. Lanfear, R., & Calcott, B. 2013. Extending PartitionFinder to automatically partition DNA and protein alignments. Implements a new algorithm that uses site rates or site likelihoods to automatically partition sites in DNA and protein alignments into a best fit partitioning scheme. PartitionFinder can be downloaded from: or github. 2013 Paul Frandsen, Brett Calcott, Robert Lanfear
Hertweck KL (2013) Data from: Assembly and comparative analysis of transposable elements from low coverage genomic sequence data in Asparagales. Dryad Digital Repository. doi:10.5061/dryad.43g64 2013 Kate Hertweck
Lynch, J., Iverson, K., Zaher Md. Faridee, A. 2013. Implementing machine learning algorithms for classification and feature selection in mothur. Extended mothur through implementation of the support vector machine algorithm to support a new classification and feature selection command in mothur. Project-specific code is available at; mothur can be downloaded from and github. 2013 Joshua Lynch, Kathryn Iverson, Abu Zaher Md Faridee
Nowak, MD, C. Simpson, and D. Zwickl. 2007. Single Node Age Prior Estimator (SNAPE) v. 1.0. SNAPE calculates informative prior probabilities on divergence times based on fossil occurrence data retrieved from the Paleobiology Database. 2013 Derrick Zwickl, Carl Simpson, Mike Nowak
Owlet is a query expansion preprocessor for SPARQL. It parses embedded OWL class expressions (in Manchester Syntax) and uses an OWL reasoner to replace them with FILTER statements containing the URIs of subclasses of the given class expression (or superclasses, equivalent classes, or instances). 2013 Jim P Balhoff
Phelan, C., Harp, G., & Smith, S.A. 2013. Phylet: Open Tree of Life graph visualization and navigation. Phylet is a visualization tool for phylogenetic graphs, powered by the graph database Neo4j and visualized by the JavaScript library D3. Hierarchical (rather than network) graphs are used to represent tree structures. In addition to other types of relationships, conflicts are also displayed. This application can be used by specialists and general lay audiences. 2013 Gabriel Harp, Stephen Smith, Chanda Phelan
Ruan, Z., Talevich, E., & Cock, P. 2013. CodonAlign: Codon alignment and analysis in Biopython. The CodonAlign (Bio.CodonAlign) module extends biopython to support estimations of nonsynonymous substitutions per site (dN) and synonymous substitutions per site (dS), and neutrality testing. CodonAlign currently support three counting based methods (NG86, LWL85, YN00) and maximum likelihood method to estimate dN and dS. Project specific code is available at: 2013 Zheng Ruan, Eric Talevich, Peter Cock
Scowl is a Scala library allowing a declarative approach to composing OWL expressions and axioms using the OWL API. 2013 Jim P Balhoff
Shrestha M, Dyer AG, Boyd-Gerny S, Wong BBM, Burd M (2013) Data from: Shades of red: bird-pollinated flowers target the specific colour discrimination abilities of avian vision. Dryad Digital Repository. doi:10.5061/dryad.pj860 2013 Martin Burd
Soltis DE, Mort ME, Latvis M, Mavrodiev EV, O'Meara BC, Soltis PS, Burleigh JG, de Casas RR (2013) Data from: Phylogenetic relationships and character evolution analysis of Saxifragales using a supermatrix approach. Dryad Digital Repository. doi:10.5061/dryad.h4070 Note: This dataset is also associated with Pamela Soltis's visiting scholar project (Title: Reconstructing the Great Tree of Life) 2013 Douglas Soltis, Pamela S Soltis
Unmack PJ, Hammer MP, Adams M, Johnson JB, Dowling TE. 2013. Data from: The role of continental shelf width in determining freshwater phylogeographic patterns in southeastern Australian pygmy perches (Teleostei: Percichthyidae). Dryad Digital Repository. doi:10.5061/dryad.9v852 2013 Peter J Unmack
Vaidya, G. 2013. Species Autocomplete. This tool provides basic Javascript and PHP code to run an autocompletion script. An included Perl script allows the ITIS-DwCA resource to be used to generate the autocompletion database (in SQLite). Further improvements may allow this software program to be integrated into websites which would like to validate the input of scientific names, either for data entry or to power searches. 2013 Gaurav Vaidya
Ye, Yanbo; Holder, Mark; Sukumaran, Jeet; Talevich, Eric. 2013. Phylogenetics in Biopython: Filling in the gaps. TreeConstruction and Consensus modules for Bio.Phylo were constructed to extend biopython support for tree construction and consensus tree algorithms. These modules add UPGMA, NJ, MP, strict consensus, majority rule, adam consensus with some branch support, and bootstrap algorithms to the current package. 2013 Yanbo Ye, Mark Holder, Jeet Sukumaran, Eric Talevich
A major upgrade to this well-used tool. Phylomatic version 3 is a fork of the phylocom phylomatic code and exists only as a web service. I can now: read in trees as NeXML and CDAO, graft in taxa to the megatree, and write out in a number of formats. 2012 Campbell O Webb
A PoC javascript framework that invokes the right Phylotastic REST services at the right time. 2012 Helena Deus
A proof-of-concept SADI-based web service which uses RDF and SPARQL to return subtrees from larger phylogenetic trees. 2012 Jim P Balhoff
Caruso CM, Case A (2012) Data from: Testing models of sex ratio evolution in a gynodioecious plant: female frequency covaries with the cost of male fertility restoration. Dryad Digital Repository. doi:10.5061/dryad.v5n09 2012 Christina M Caruso
Gates, D., Banbury, B., O'Meara, B. 2012. Optimization of TreEvo R code for approximate Bayesian computation (ABC). This project project took the original TreEvo code, found and fixed ineffeciencies within the code, and added parallelization and checkpointing. 2012 Daniel Gates, Brian C O'Meara, Barbara Banbury
Goyal, P. & Baron, C. 2012. jMatrixBrowse: Coordinate-based browsing for matrices. jQuery plugin for browsing large matrices using dragging (like Google Maps). The main features of the tool include a browsable canvas that can be panned and zoomed easily. 2012 Pulkit Goyal, Chris Baron
Hauser, E., & Lapp, H. 2012. MIAPA-ETL: NeXML to MIAPA Mapping & ISAtab Transformation. MIAPA-ETL is a conversion tool to Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) MIAPA-compliant data from NeXML files into valid ISAtab format. 2012 Hilmar Lapp, Elliott Hauser
Ismailov, I., Degnan, J., Stadler, T. 2012. Ranked gene tree topologies probability computation. Ranked Gene Trees is a polynomial-time algorithm implementation for computing probabilities of ranked gene tree topologies given species trees. 2012 Islam Ismailov, James Degnan, Tanja Stadler
Jim Balhoff, Karen A. Cranston, Mark T. Holder, Hilmar Lapp, Emily J. McTavish, and Enrico Pontelli. June, 2012. PhylotasticTreeStore. PhylotasticTreeStore RESTful adaptor for RDF-based tree store. It is a web2py application, which provides a RESTful interface by translating queries for trees into SPARQL queries to a triple store and then using DendroPy to translate the resulting RDF to NeXML. Built at the Phylotastic hackathon. Christopher Baron, Jeet Sukumaran, and Cam Webb provided helpful feedback. 2012 Mark Holder, Jim P Balhoff, Karen Cranston, Hilmar Lapp, Emily Jane McTavish, Enrico Pontelli, Chris Baron, Jeet Sukumaran, Campbell O Webb
Landing page for the Phylotastic project 2012 Megan Pirrung
Landis, M., & Bedford, T. 2012. Phylowood.js: Browser-based Interactive Animations of Ancestral Dispersal and Diversity Patterns. Phylowood enables users to visualize geographic dispersal patterns of phylogenetic units on maps overtime. 2012 Michael Landis, Trevor Bedford
Lapp H. 2012. Ontology and RDF model for Taxonomic Name Resolution Service (TNRS) results. The ontology describes the entities that make up a TNRS result and the relationship between those and those between an OTU and a TNRS resolution result. The RDF model is accompanied by an instance document and a graph visualization. 2012 Hilmar Lapp
Menard, A., Ponty, Y., & Procter, J. Towards a fully RNA-aware alignment editor with Jalview and VARNA. This project focused on the synchronization of Jalview and VARNA to improve jalview RNA support, with emphasis on tertiary interactions. Tertiary interactions can now be loaded from XML files (RNAML format), directly annotated from 3D experimental models (PDB files), and displayed graphically using an integrated version of the Varna software. 2012 Yann Ponty, Jim Procter, Anne Menard
Midford, P.E., 2012, CMAPOBO, This is a simple command line tool to generate simple OBO format (syntax version 1.2) files from ontology graphs created in the CMAP tool. 2012 Peter E Midford
Midford, P. E. 2012. Mesquite-o-tastic - a Mesquite package for retrieving trees from Phylotastic. This is a prototype package that allows a user to retrieve a tree from phylotastic that matches the taxa present in a Mesquite character matrix. See the demo video by Arlin Stoltzfus at 2012 Peter E Midford, Arlin Stoltzfus
Midford, P. E. 2012. Taxonomy Ontology Tool (VTOTool). This tool constructs taxonomic ontologies (e.g., Phenoscape's VTO) from multiple taxonomic sources - existing ontologies (e.g., TTO) as well as other taxonomic sources (e.g., NCBI, CoL, PBDB). As of July 2012 it generates the ontologies in an OBO format where taxonomic groups are classes and follows the conventions of the OBO rendering of the full NCBI taxonomic ontology. A earlier version of this tool was used in support of a working group. 2012 Peter E Midford
New release of the Phenex annotation software with new features supporting collaborative editing across file sharing systems such as Dropbox. 2012 Jim P Balhoff
O'Meara, B.C., L. Harmon, J. Eastman, P. Midford, T. Heath, J. Brown, M. Pennell, M. Alfaro. 2012. Online database and software for returning ages of most recent common ancestors given a string of taxon names. 2012 Brian C O'Meara
Plugin for the Protege ontology editing environment which displays axioms which can not be represented in an OBO format serialization of the ontology. 2012 Jim P Balhoff
Reconcili-o-tastic starts with a gene tree, discovers the species sources, gets a tree for the species on the fly (phylotastically), then runs reconciliation software to identify which branchings represent speciations vs duplications. 2012 Chris Baron
Rutger Vos, 2012. A phylotastic pruning service based on MapReduce. HIP working group of NESCent. This pruner was developed to provide automated pruning services, as part of the Phylotastic project. Given a set { S } of OTU names, and the name of a source tree, the pruner returns a topology for the OTUs that it can match from { S }. This kind of pruning can be done by recursive calls into a database (which probably would need to hit the database many times) or by loading the whole tree into memory (which might take a while to read in the file, and cost a bit of memory). The way it is done here is much cooler, because it never requires the whole tree to be in memory or in a database: the pruning is done in parallel using MapReduce. Some tests on the entire dump of the Tree of Life Web Project showed that this returns a pruned subtree within a few seconds, fast enough for a web service. The pruner has two interfaces, a web forms interface (with explanatory text and examples) and a web-services interface. The code and some documentation is available at a location indicated on the web page. 2012 Arlin Stoltzfus, Rutger Vos
Taxosaurus is a meta TNRS that implements the TNRastic API. It's composed by 2 main modules (the handler_library and the processor) that sit behind an http handler. The handler_library implements the TNRastic API whereas the processor coordinates the execution of the downstream calls to the sources. The processor itself has a modular design that allows the addition of new service via adaptors that are registered through a simple JSON description. 2012 Naim Matasci
The CDAO Comparative Data Analysis Ontology was revised to meet OBO library ontology standards, such as numeric class identifiers. 2012 Jim P Balhoff
The Newick to CDAO ingestor is a Perl module. The module takes as input a tree described in Newick format and produces a CDAO representation of the tree. The module is capable of contacting the Phylotastic TNRS to resolve names and adds the result of the name resolution to the CDAO representation of the tree. 2012 Enrico Pontelli
The Perl controller coordinates stub CGI implementations of the Phylotastic TNRS, tree store, topology, and branch length services which produce correct output for one example input. However, the user may substitute real service implementations into the controller workflow via CGI parameters, allowing the services to be tested for conformance to the Phylotastic specification. Usage instructions for the CGI controller, along with example input/output files for the stub services, are provided at 2012 Ben Vandervalk
The phylogeny from Goloboff, et al. "Phylogenetic analysis of 73 060 taxa corroborates major eukaryotic groups" (Cladistics 2009, 25:211-230) is a valuable resource, useful for the Phylotastic project. However, it is available only in TNT format, a nested-parenthesis format like Newick. The tree file has only numeric codes, with names encoded in a separate file. Converting this information into a single Newick tree is a 3-step process: 1. convert the TNT trees (in any of the *.tre files) to newick 2. pick the tree you want and put it in a file by itself 3. replace the numeric codes in the tree with species names from Taxon_Names_Only.tnt I developed and tested Perl scripts for steps 1 and 3. The scripts contain documentation using POD. They are available from a public repository using the URL below. 2012 Arlin Stoltzfus
The TNRastic API is a lightweight RESTful API specification that provides a generalized framework to access Taxonomic Name Resolution Services. It's composed of a set of services that are essential for name resolution. 2012 Naim Matasci
The TNRS group contacted David Mitchell, ITIS Data Specialist at the NMNH, who gave us permission to make the entire ITIS database available as a DarwinCore Archive. This file was generated by dwca-hunter (, a Ruby program developed by the Global Names Architecture. I wrote a small script to automatically organize dwca-hunter's results, and have been running it regularly and uploading the results to 2012 Gaurav Vaidya
To provide end-users with a familiar graphical user interface with which to access PhyloTastic services I have developed several wrapper classes that enable interaction with TNRS, DateLife, BabelPhysh and pruning functionality within the Galaxy web application. A demo Galaxy instance is available at, the source code at and a screen cast that demonstrates the currently available functionality is available at 2012 Rutger Vos
Using the OpenSim software, a 6 region grid was set up on virtual machine instances at Amazon's EC2 to host the 3D environments for this project. The EC2 API tools were used to automate starting and stopping the server instances in order to reduce costs by not running the instances at night when they are not used. Monitoring software was set up to restart the OpenSim software in case of errors. 2012 Mattison T Ward, Corey Hart
Zaher Md. Faridee, A., Iverson, K., Westcott, S. 2012. Random Forest for Mothur: A machine learning algorithm for ecology data. This implementation of the random forest algorithm enables ecologists to identify bacterial populations that are associated with differences between health and disease using mothur. 2012 Sarah Westcott, Kathryn Iverson, Abu Zaher Md Faridee
Zarins, J., Rambaut, A., Cranston, K., Redelings, B. 2012. MASTodon: Summary and visualization of phylogenetic tree sets. MASTodon looks for a common subtree in a large set of phylogenetic trees. Suitability of a subtree is measured with a MAP (maximum a-posteriori probability) score. MASTodon prunes some taxa from all trees and compares each against the MAP tree. This is the same as counting the trees that contain the subtree that is obtained if you remove the selected taxa from the trees. Command line and graphical interfaces are provided. Several pruning algorithms are available, and it is possible to add more. 2012 Justs Zarins, Andrew Rambaut, Karen Cranston
A plugin for the Protege ontology editing environment which displays images depicting instances of the selected ontology class. 2011 Jim P Balhoff
C.E. Wall, V. Gapeyev, X. Liu, and H. Lapp (2011) Feeding Experiments End-user Database., source code at 2011 Christine E Wall, Vladimir Gapeyev, Xianhua Liu, Hilmar Lapp
Engelhardt, J., & Procter, J. 2011. Extending Jalview to handle RNA with VARNA (Visualization Applet for RNA). 2011 Jan Engelhardt, Jim Procter
Ginsca, A.L., Balhoff, J. 2011. ontophenotype-eol. A Java library that generates human readable text from ontologies containing phenotype data for integration into the Encyclopedia of Life (EoL). 2011 Alexandru Lucian Ginsca, Jim P Balhoff
Hird, S., Brown, J., Chapman, B. 2011. lociNGS: a simple database for reformatting and displaying multi-locus datasets. 2011 Sarah Hird, Jeremy Brown, Brad Chapman
Hoffman, P., Savidge, K., & Brown, J. 2011. CUDA graphics optimization for DIM SUM simulations with large scale populations and landscapes. 2011 Peter Hoffmann, Kevin Savidge, Jeremy Brown
Packer, D. & Estill, J. 2011. TreeRecXML. Perl/BioPerl implementation of tree reconciliation representations in XML. A contribution to the Tree of Life for the Plant Sciences (iPToL) project (via 2011 Daniel Packer, James Estill
Piwowar HA (2011) Data from: Who shares? Who doesn't? Factors associated with openly archiving raw research data. Dryad Digital Repository. doi:10.5061/dryad.mf1sd 2011 Heather Piwowar
Piwowar HA, Vision TJ, Whitlock MC (2011) Data from: Data archiving is a good investment. Dryad Digital Repository. doi:10.5061/dryad.j1fd7 2011 Todd Vision, Michael Whitlock, Heather Piwowar
Popescu, A.-A., Huber, K., & Paradis, E. 2011. APE (Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution) incomplete distance extension. Extends APE to handle evolutionary reconstruction from incomplete distance matrices. 2011 Andrei-Alin Popescu, Katharina Huber, Emmanuel Paradis
Revell, L. J. 2011. phytools: Phylogenetic Tools for comparative biology (and other things). R package version 0.0-8. 2011 Liam J Revell
Verma, A., & Iverson, K.D. 2011. PhyloGeoRef. Java library that takes a phylogenetic tree and metadata associated with taxonomic units in the tree as input; and creates a kml file that can be viewed in Google Earth. This project focused on enhancing phyloGeoRef through the addition of a GUI for non-Java users; and weighted means for node positioning. 2011 Apurv Verma, Kathryn Iverson
Web application, database, and reasoning system integrating phenotypic data from over 50 phylogenetic publications across teleost fish with developmental genetic phenotype data from the Zebrafish Information Network (ZFIN). 2011 Jim P Balhoff
Yohe, L., Vos, R., & Piel, W. 2011. Towards automated submission of NeXML data to TreeBASE. This project contributed to automation of NeXML formatted data to TreeBASE, and to related data display functionality. 2011 Laurel Yohe, Rutger Vos, William H Piel
Piwowar HA and Priem J. total-impact., code at 2010-present Heather Piwowar
Balejko, F., & Kosakovsky Pond, S.L. 2010. Extending Galaxy: Integration of HyPhy workflows and the SLAC and PARRIS methods for inferring positive selection on coding sequences. 2010 Filip Balejko, Brad Chapman, Anton Nekrutenko
Clements, D., Dauga, D., Balhoff, J., Friesen, M., Yoder, M., Washington, N., Cain, S., Redmond, S., Vgapeyev, V., Ybendana, Y. (2010). GMOD & Chado natural diversity modules: ND revision and proof of concept Rails implementation. GMOD Tools for Evolutionary Biology Hackathon, Natural Diversity and Phenotypes in Chado Subgroup, 8-12 November, 2010. Hackathon code: 2010 Delphine Dauga, Jim P Balhoff, Maren Friesen, Nicole Washington, Scott Cain, Seth Redmond
Fields, C., Lapp, H., Stajich, J., & Jordan, G. (2010). GMOD BioPerl Enhancements. GMOD Tools for Evolutionary Biology Hackathon, BioPerl Subgroup, 8-12 November, 2010. Improved tree handling in BioPerl to enable handling very large trees or large numbers of small trees. BioPerl now supports storing such trees in a lightweight database instead of in memory. Core BioPerl 1.x code: 2010 Jason E Stajich, Hilmar Lapp, Chris Fields
Hayes, R.; Buels, R.; McKay, S.. (2010). gmod:GBrowse syn2. GMOD Tools for Evolutionary Biology Hackathon, Visualization of Comparative Genomics: JBrowse syn Subgroup, 8-12 November, 2010. GBrowse_syn refactored to fit GBrowse2 architecture; consolidated image rendering abstracted in a new class. Several new classes created under Bio::Graphics::Browser2 for object representation and rendering. 2010 Richard Hayes, Robert Buels, Sheldon McKay
Hill, A., Leto, J., Pick, S. (2010). Polishing PhyloBox: PhyloBoxWidget, Documentation, Application integration. GMOD Tools for Evolutionary Biology Hackathon, PhyloBox Polishing & API Subgroup, 8-12 November, 2010. 2010 Andrew Hill, Jonathan Leto, Sander Pick
Hitz, B., and Lyons, E. (2010). gmod:GMatchbox: creating a common backend for comparative genomics visualization. GMOD Tools for Evolutionary Biology Hackathon, Visualization of Comparative Genomics: GMatchbox Subgroup, 8-12 November, 2010. 2010 Eric Lyons, Benjamin Hitz
Iverson, K.D., and Kidd, D. 2010. PhyloGeoRef: A Java library for producing phylogenetic data kmls to be rendered in Google Earth. 2010 Kathryn Iverson, David Kidd, Karen Cranston, Xianhua Liu
Lui, L., Procter, J., and Vilella, A. 2010. Extending Jalview: Supporting Rfam RNA sequence and alignment imports and secondary structure visualizations. Extends Jalview functionality to enable RNA sequences and alignments to be imported from the Rfam database (; and supports RNA secondary structure visualizations, including relevant color schemes. 2010 Lauren Lui, Jim Procter, Albert Vilella
Pond, S.K., Balejko, F. (2010). gmod:Galaxy integration module for interactive tools. GMOD Tools for Evolutionary Biology Hackathon, Galaxy and HyPhy Subgroup, 8-12 November, 2010. Improves Galaxy's ability to integrate interactive tools, using HyPhy as the prototype application. Galaxy web home: 2010 Sergei Kosakovsky Pond, Filip Balejko
Priyam, A., Vos, R., & Aerts, J. 2010. BioRuby API for NeXML I/O and RDF triples. Adds support to work with RDF and NeXML in BioRuby; and provides methods to semantically annotate and query BioRuby objects. 2010 Rutger Vos, Jan Aerts, Anurag Priyam
(Released 7/7/2010) BAli-Phy is a Bayesian MCMC program for estimating phylogenies and sequence alignments jointly from unaligned sequence data. BAli-Phy can estimate phylogenies without bias toward a guide tree, when the alignment is uncertain.

New features in the 2.1.0 release include:
  • Allow multiple separate genes as input
  • Each gene may have a different substitution or indel model
  • Decrease the amount of RAM used.
  • Speed up the analysis for many taxa (e.g. > 30).
  • Auto-detect step sizes in slice sampling.
2010 Benjamin D Redelings
Stack, J.C., O'Meara, B., Harmon, L. 2010. RBrownie: Ancestral State Reconstruction in R. Extends comparative phylogenetic analysis capabilities in R. 2010 Conrad Stack, Luke Harmon, Brian C O'Meara
TreeBASE is a repository of phylogenetic information, specifically user-submitted phylogenetic trees and the data used to generate them. TreeBASE accepts all types of phylogenetic data (e.g., trees of species, trees of populations, trees of genes) representing all biotic taxa. A second-generation version of TreeBASE was released in 2010 and is hosted by NESCent.
Source code:
2010 Todd Vision, Hilmar Lapp, Vladimir Gapeyev, William H Piel, Rutger Vos, Val Tannen
Wasila Dahdul and Peter Midford. 2010. Phenoscape Ontologies. Phenoscape is using multiple ontologies to describe variation in phenotypes across species. We have developed several new ontologies required for evolutionary biology, including the Teleost Anatomy Ontology (TAO) and the Teleost Taxonomy Ontology (TTO). As community resources, these ontologies are available within the OBO Foundry . Wasila Dahdul and Peter Midford are the maintainers of the ontologies developed by Phenoscape. 2010 Peter E Midford, Wasila Dahdul
Yi, H., Skinner, M., Casstevens, T., Tritt, A., & Mueller, O. (2010). gmod:JBrowse: Visualizing comparative geneomics. GMOD Tools for Evolutionary Biology Hackathon, Visualization of Comparative Genomics: JBrowse syn Subgroup, 8-12 November, 2010. Extended JBrowse through removal of the "single genome" assumption from the code and successfully displayed several genomes in parallel. 2010 Hong Yi, Terry Casstevens, Andrew Tritt, Olaf Mueller
Alexei Drummond. 2009. A project to create an open API and fast implementations of a library for evaluating phylogenetic likelihoods (continuous time Markov processes) of biomolecular sequence evolution. The aim is to provide high performance evaluation 'services' to a wide range of phylogenetic software, both Bayesian samplers and Maximum Likelihood optimizers. This will allow these packages to make use of implementations that make use of optimized hardware such as graphics processing units. 2009 Alexei Drummond
Andrew L. Hipp and Marcial Escudero. 2009. MATICCE - a software package in the R language that employs an information-theoretic approach to infer shifts in continuous character distribution on phylogenetic trees. MATICCE also provides simulation functions for visualizing analysis results, functions for accounting for phylogenetic and model uncertainty, and helper functions for the ouch R package. 2009 Andrew L. Hipp
Ayres, D., Darling, A., Suchard, M. 2009. Extending BEAGLE: GPU acceleration for phylogenetic inference using OpenCL. 2009 Daniel Ayres, Aaron Darling, Marc Suchard
Constable, H and Russell, L. 2009. VertNet is a global museum database of vertebrate natural history collections. Four distributed database networks (MaNIS, HerpNET, ORNIS and FishNet) have been the result of a massive, collaborative effort within the museum and bioinformatics communities to make specimen data interoperable, mappable and publicly available. VertNet was formed as an umbrella project to meet the common needs of the participants, maintain the existing networks, add new members and develop integrated online technologies. 2009 James Hanken
Extension of the SADI (Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration) system to integrate biodiversity data. A demo SADI Web Service was created showing how GBIF ( data can be served via SADI (Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration). A second service was constructed that extracts taxonomy information from the UniProt protein record. 2009 Mark Wilkinson
Hayden, K., Midford, P., Balhoff, J. 2009. 'Build a Mesquite package to view Phenex-generated Nexml files', a Google summer of code project. This project resulted in a Mesquite plug-in package that used the nexml library for java to parse and display ontology-based annotations from nexml files generated by Phenex. The tool displays annotations within the Mesquite character matrix editor. 2009 Peter E Midford, Jim P Balhoff, Kasia Hayden
Hyam, R., Gopalan, V., Chisham, B., Pontelli, E., Jensen, M., & Yoder, M. (2009). Semantic API for CDAO. NESCent Hackathon on Evolutionary Database Interoperability, Semantic API for CDAO Subgroup. 9-13 March, 2009, Durham, NC. Hackathon code: 2009 Roger Hyam, Vivek Gopalan, Brandon Chisham, Enrico Pontelli, Mark A Jensen
Jaunzeikare, D. & Zmasek, C. 2009. phyloXML support in BioRuby. 2009. Reading and writing capabilities for phyloXML in BioRuby. 2009 Diana Jaunzeikare, Christian M. Zmasek
Jiao, D., & Scherle, R. 2009. Enhanced search functionality in Phylr. Enhanced Phylr service for searching content in a collection of XML files, using Lucene; and new services for searching relational databases. 2009 Dazhi Jiao, Ryan Scherle
Jonathan Payne, Jennifer Stempien, Hilmar Lapp, Xianhua Liu, Michal Kowalewski. 2009. Maximum Size Database. 2009. Phanerozoic Body Size Trends through Time and Space Working Group. National Evolutionary Synthesis Center. Code at , web application at 2009 Jonathan Payne, Jennifer Stempien, Hilmar Lapp, Xianhua Liu, Michal Kowalewski
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Source code:
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Brian O'Meara (2008). TreeTapper. TreeTapper is a database of methods for using phylogenies to understand evolution. Status: well-developed database schema, work is ongoing on php scripts for adding content to the database and for displaying web pages.
Development site:
Source code:
2008 Brian C O'Meara
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Susan Kalisz, Mark Johnston and members of the Mixed Mating Working Group. 2007. The prototype database integrates comprises four separate databases. 1) The mating system database contains information on estimates of selfing/outcrossing rate and/or the inbreeding coefficient measured at the population level for 475 species. 2) The inbreeding depression database contains information on estimates inbreeding depression measured across the life history (3-stage or 4-stage IBD) measured at the population level. 3) The experimental pollination database contains information at the population level on experimental tests of selfing, outcrossing, pollen limitation, reproductive assurance, timing of selfing, etc. 4) The species traits database contains data on the average morphological, phenological, life history and habitat characteristics for all 475 species in the mating system database. Significantly, all four databases contain citations to the original publications from which the data were extracted. 2007 Susan Kalisz, Mark Johnston, Hilmar Lapp, Xianhua Liu
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Proposals and Grants
A. Town Peterson.  October 2007.  Serving Biodiversity Data for US Institutions.  National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII). James Hanken
Craig Moritz. July 2008. VertNET: A Distributed Network of Museum Specimen Data for Vertebrate Species. National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII). James Hanken
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Arlin Stoltzfus, Enrico Pontelli and Brian O'Meara. 2014. "Collaborative Research: ABI Development: An open infrastructure to disseminate phylogenetic knowledge". National Science Foundation, 3 years funding from July 2015 to 2018. 2015 Arlin Stoltzfus
This is a collaborative grant NSF DEB-1256894-0 with Samantha Hopkins 2013 Samantha Price
Duke University, in collaboration with North Carolina State University and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, is awarded a grant to enhance the services provided by Dryad (, a recently launched repository for data underlying the findings in the scholarly bioscience literature. Dryad is distinguished by the close association of data deposition with the process and business of scholarly publishing, and by using article publication as a model for how researchers can benefit from data sharing infrastructure. In a short time, dozens of journals have adopted Dryad as a mechanism for data archiving, and the repository is now at a point of transition to a sustainable organization that has the capacity to make thousands of new datasets each year openly available for reuse in perpetuity. Technical and organizational innovations supported by this award will enhance the Dryad's scalability and sustainability. The technical goals include: automation of metadata curation and preservation tasks; developing more efficient and scalable processes to integrate the manuscript submission processes of journals with the data submission process of Dryad; enhancing the features and usability of the deposition interface; and improving the machine and human interfaces for filtering, searching and accessing repository contents. Dryad?s business model will be refined through evaluation of the costs and benefits of data archiving and data reuse to stakeholders, and continued evaluation of Dryad's role with respect to the many emergent technologies in the world of publishing and data repositories. Dryad's sustainability will be addressed by implementing a nonprofit governance and revenue model that has been developed over the past three years by diverse stakeholders in the research, publishing, library and funder communities. The Broader Impacts of Dryad stem from its potential to transform the way research data are communicated and preserved. The credibility and effectiveness of the research enterprise is due in large part to the social contract behind scholarly publishing. Researchers are incentivized to disclose their work to their peers in return for professional credit. In so doing, they also expose their findings to be confirmed or refuted, and enable other researchers to build upon their results. Dryad seeks to extend this social contract to research data by providing a model for how a disciplinary repository can incentivize researchers to disclose the data that is of the greatest value for scientific reuse, that associated with publications, and realize the manifold benefits of free access to scientific data in perpetuity. This award will provide resources for Dryad to to reach out to the next generation of researchers through educational initiatives and partnerships with the broader community. As new journal and funder mandates raise demand and expectations for data management, preservation, and dissemination services, Dryad - as a stable, community-governed organization - aims to be in a position to provide the necessary infrastructure, as well as provide a focused forum for participating journals, societies and publishers to take coordinated, and well-informed, steps toward improved policy and practice. 2012 Todd Vision
Piwowar, HA and Priem, J. total-impact grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. May 2012-April 2013, $125k. 2012 Heather Piwowar
Safran. NSF Grant - CAREER DEB ($850,000, 2012 – 2017) Isolation by Distance or Adaptation: The extent of population genomic differentiation that results from adaptive divergence in sexual signals and migratory behavior. PI: Safran (sole). 2012 Rebecca Safran
Collaborative grants are awarded to the University of South Dakota and the University of North Carolina to develop ontology-driven tools for machine reasoning over large volumes of phenotype data. Human-readable descriptions of "phenotypic" properties such as anatomy and behavior are not well-suited to computational analysis. Yet, in evolutionary biology, genetics and development, computational assistance is necessary to discover patterns within the enormous volumes of descriptive phenotype data that are being reported in the literature and in online databases. Ontologies are structured, controlled vocabularies that can be applied to collections of descriptive data to permit logical reasoning to be used. Using the evolutionary transition from fins to limbs as a test system, this project will develop ontologically-aware software that allows users to discover similar sets of phenotypes for different taxa or mutant genes within large and diverse datasets. A fast semantic similarity engine will be developed to allow searches for evolutionary transitions and mutant genes characterized by similar phenotypic profiles. An ontological framework for reasoning over homology will be developed to allow rigorous reasoning over evolutionary diverse lineages. Natural language processing tools will be developed to improve upon the efficiency of mining phenotype data from the literature and improving data consistency. This suite of tools will be tested on a large number of skeletal phenotypes from diverse fossil and modern vertebrates. Taxonomic and anatomical ontologies for vertebrates will be augmented and hypotheses of anatomical homology formally encoded. The ontologies and software tools, together with phenotypes extracted from the vertebrate systematic literature, will be integrated in the knowledgebase with genetic and phenotype data from three vertebrate model organisms: zebrafish (Danio rerio), African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis), and mouse (Mus musculus). The knowledge base will be exposed to generic reasoners using semantic web standards. The system will be validated by its success in retrieving candidate genes for the well-studied vertebrate fin-limb transition and other major events in skeletal evolution. The evolutionary breadth of the test data requires the development of a rigorous framework for reasoning over hypotheses of homology. Another goal is to develop and evaluate natural language processing tools for efficiently capturing ontological descriptions of phenotype from the descriptions available in the published literature. The suite of tools will be validated by recovering developmental genetic pathways that underlie the evolutionary transition from fin to limb in vertebrates, and refined by iterative testing with domain bioinformaticians on the project and biologists from the broader user community. A broad community of users will participate through the lifecycle of this project in the development of community standards and resources for the interoperability and computability of phenotypic knowledge. This will be achieved through workshops, usability testing sessions, and coordination with key research networks. Stakeholder ownership will be enhanced by rapid and open release of a variety of products that we anticipate to be of immediate and enduring value to the greater biology community, including tools for streamlining data curation and performing large-scale semantic similarity searches, high quality vertebrate taxonomy and anatomy ontologies, and standards for reasoning over homology. We will provide a unique training environment for students, postdocs and summer interns, including Native Americans through outreach at the University of South Dakota and minority and female students though a collaboration with Project Exploration at the University of Chicago. Project progress and outcomes will be disseminated through both traditional and online outlets for scholarly communication (including blog posts and mailing lists); the primary web presence will be at 2011 Todd Vision
Cranston, Karen A., Gordon Burleigh, Keith Crandall, Karl Gude, David Hibbett, Mark Holder, Laura Katz, Richard Ree, Stephen Smith, Doug Soltis, Tiffani Williams. 2011. Collaborative Research: Automated and community-driven synthesis of the tree of life (AVATol OpenTree). NSF 2011 Karen Cranston
C. Wall et al. 2011. A novel database and ontology for evolutionary analyses of mammalian feeding physiology. Collaborative grant proposal to the ABI Innovation track. 2011 Christine E Wall, Hilmar Lapp
Rodriguez. (NSF Grant IOS–1120790 ($530,000, 2011–2014). Testing the role of sexual selection by mate choice in promoting divergent local adaptation. (With KD Fowler–Finn).) 2011 Rebecca Safran
Dryad UK is a project which aims to further develop Dryad – an international repository of data underlying scientific publications, with an initial focus on evolution, ecology, and related fields. Dryad enables scientists to validate published findings, explore new analysis methodologies, repurpose data, and perform synthetic studies. 2010 Todd Vision
Duke Postdoctoral Professional Development Award funded to attend SACNAS 2010 conference in Anaheim, CA in the capacity as a mentor, panelist, speaker and poster judge. 2010 Julie A Meachen
K. Donohue, J. Schmitt, PIs; Amity Wilczek Co-PI. 2010-2014. Collaborative research: Integrating genetically informed models of germination and flowering to predict life history responses to changing climate” NSF-DEB 2010 Kathleen Donohue
Gordon Uno. Submitted 2008. University of Oklahoma. Preparing to Prepare the 21st Century Biology Student Using Scientific Societies as Change Agents. NSF (RCN Proposal) This project was funded: one of the two proposals funded in this competition in January. 2009 Gordon Uno
The University of New Mexico (UNM) will develop and deploy DataNetONE (Observation Network for Earth), a sustainable long-term data preservation and access network, with related search and discovery, data integration, and user services and analytic tools. The goal of the DataNetONE (Observation Network for Earth) project is to enable scientists, decision-makers, and citizens to understand the nature and pace of change on Earth and to address associated environmental, social, and technological challenges. The initial focus will be on multi-disciplinary observational data collected by biological and environmental scientists, national and international research networks, and environmental observatories. DataNetONE will be extended to serve a broader range of science domains both directly and through interoperability with other DataNet deployments. The project is under the direction of Dr. William Michener at the UNM. DataNetONE is designed to enable the long-term preservation of diverse and complex multi-scale, multi-discipline, and multi-national science data by providing open, persistent, robust, and secure access to well-described and easily discovered Earth observational data. Expected users include scientists, educators, librarians, resource managers, and the public. The potential impact of long-term preservation and integrated access to diverse and complex multi-scale, multi-discipline, multinational science data is transformative in the speed with which researchers will be able to assemble and analyze data sets and in the types of problems they will be able to address. Scientific investigations that will be greatly facilitated by DataNetONE include understanding the relationships among human population density, atmospheric nitrogen and carbon dioxide, energy consumption and global temperatures; understanding and predicting the emergence and spread of diseases like avian flu; critical areas where local or regional changes may have strong effects on earth system interactions, feedbacks, or teleconnections; the impact of "megapolitan-ization" on ecological systems; and the interrelationships among coupled human and natural systems. 2009 Todd Vision
Price and Zane (2007) NESCent informatics white paper: "Comparative methods in R hackathon" 2008 Samantha Price
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Authors: C. E. Wall, V. Gapeyev, R. Z. German, X. Liu, C. J. Vinyard, and S. H. Williams Date: January, 2010 Title: The Feeding Experiments End-user Database (FEED) Meeting: Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) Location: Seattle, Washington Christine E Wall
AUTHORS: Hipp, Andrew L. and Alexander Platt DATE: Monday, July 28th, 2008 TITLE: Estimating the probability of continuous character transitions on phylogenetic trees MEETING: Botany 2008 LOCATION: UBC, Vancouver ABSTRACT: Inferring the evolutionary history of species traits is a basic problem in evolutionary biology and an issue of practical concern for ecologists, developmental biologists, and others testing biological hypotheses using phylogenetic data. Methods of analyzing categorical data in a phylogenetic context have addressed the problem of localizing character transitions to branches. Locating transitions in continuous characters have received less focus, in part because many methods are based on a constant variance (Brownian motion) model, in which the rate of character evolution is modeled as shifting gradually on the tree if at all. Evaluation of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck models that allow shifts in character equilibria or Brownian motion models on subtrees are straightforward methods of modeling transitions in continuous characters. Assessed in an information theoretic framework, these models are useful means of estimating the probability that continuous trait change on a selected phylogenetic branch violates the expectations of a constant variance model. We contrast these methods with a Bayesian association mapping method that directly estimates the probability and magnitude of quantitative trait change on all branches of a phylogeny. In combination, these techniques provide a useful complement to existing methods for investigating the evolution of continuous characters. Andrew L. Hipp
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Forde and Gudelj will be running a symposium entitled 'Mathmatical models and microbes as tools for understanding diversity' at the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America in Aug 2009. Six of the participants in the working group will be presenting research during the symposium, some of which has come out of collaborations established through the NESCent working group. Samantha Forde
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