Ring Tailed Lemur


NESCent’s scientific mission is to advance research that addresses fundamental questions in evolutionary science by integrating methods, concepts, and data within and across disciplines. For more on the context and a classification of synthesis in evolutionary science please read Linking Big: The Continuing Promise of Evolutionary Synthesis.

Highlights from NESCent Science activities include

As you can see, NESCent supports a portfolio of scientific activities that spans a wide range of organisms, habitats, methods, and disciplines.  We do this by sponsoring postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, and teams of scientists to tackle major evolutionary problems.  NESCent fosters a fertile in-house environment for sustained research and provides novel mechanisms for bringing together diverse scientists to identify common interests and stimulate new collaborations. 

Proposals for these diverse activities are generated by the scientific community, through our application process and reviewed by an external board.