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NESCent by the numbers

Posted September 10, 2011 by NESCent

NESCent has hosted nearly 6500 visitors from more than 51 countries






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Award Winners

photo Kate Hertweck
Postdoctoral Fellow
Kate Hertweck (University of Missouri)
Comparative biology of transposable element proliferation
photo Mira Han
Postdoctoral Fellow
Mira Han (Indiana University-Bloomington)
Gene evolution in genomic context: Integrating genomic location into gene evolution models
photo Tami Cruickshank
Postdoctoral Fellow
Tami Cruickshank (University of Indiana)
Population genetics of maternal effects and their influence on molecular evolution
photo Robert Lanfear
Postdoctoral Fellow
Robert Lanfear (Australian National University)
Synthesising methods and data to understand the mutational processes that shape genomes
photo Elizabeth Sbrocco
Postdoctoral Fellow
Elizabeth Sbrocco (Boston University)
Exploring environmental correlates of range limits across a marine biodiveristy hotspot
photo Adam Smith
Postdoctoral Fellow
Adam Smith (University of Texas, Austin)
Evaluating effects of temporal distribution of fossil calibrations on divergence analyses
photo Paul Harnik
Postdoctoral Fellow
Paul Harnik (Stanford University)
Ecological controls on evolutionary rates in marine systems
photo David Liberles
Catalysis Meeting
David Liberles (University of Wyoming)
Modeling protein structural and energetic constraints on sequence evolution
photo Andrew Groover
Catalysis Meeting
Andrew Groover (US Forest Service and University of California-Davis)
Evolutionary origins and development of woody plants
photo Jason Wolf
Catalysis Meeting
Jason Wolf (University of Bath, UK)
An integrative understanding of the evolution of genomic imprinting
photo Eric Crandall
Catalysis Meeting
Eric Crandall (University of California-Santa Cruz)
An integrative understanding of the evolution of genomic imprinting
photo Doris Bachtrog
Working Group
Doris Bachtrog (University of California, Berkeley)
The tree of sex – a comprehensive synthesis of sex determination systems in eukaryotes
photo Jennifer Fewell
Working Group
Jennifer Fewell (Arizona State University)
Large-scale demographic, network and behavioral trait analyses of sociality
photo Arlin Stoltzfus
Working Group
Arlin Stoltzfus (Center for Advanced Research in Biotechnology)
HIP: Hackathons, Interoperability, Phylogenies
photo Christina Caruso
Long-term Sabbatical Scholar
Christina Caruso (University of Guelph, Canada)
The evolutionary ecology of genetic conflict in plants
photo Dena Smith
Long-term Sabbatical Scholar
Dena Smith (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Evolution of the Coleoptera: A paleontological perspective
photo Michael Wade
Long-term Sabbatical Scholar
Michael Wade (Indiana University, Bloomington)
A critical synthesis of indirect genetic effects in adaptive evolution
photo Douglas Soltis
Short-term Sabbatical Scholar
Douglas Soltis (University of Florida), Pamela Soltis (University of Florida)
Reconstructing the Great Tree of Life
photo Rebecca Safran
Short-term Sabbatical Scholar
Rebecca Safran (University of Colorado)
An integrative evolutionary approach to examine sexual selection as a mechanism of speciation
photo Tyler Curtain
Triangle Scholar
Tyler Curtain (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Darwin and Nietzsche: evolutionary thought within literary theory