Long-term Sabbatical

Creating an evolutionary dataspace for plants: allowing phylogenetic, morphological and gene ontologies to collide gracefully

PI(s): Quentin Cronk (University of British Columbia)
Start Date: 1-Sep-2005
End Date: 31-Aug-2006

How is it that a rice plant looks so different from a cottonwood tree when they both descend, ultimately, from a common ancestor? Plant evodevo is the branch of study that seeks to explain plant morphology by understanding the evolutionary diversification of developmental pathways and the changing function of their underlying genes. Evo-devo therefore requires the synthesis of comparative genomics, phylogenetics and developmental morphology. All three subjects have a large and growing body of information and each presents unique databasing challenges in order to make the facts available to researchers in maximally informative ways. The aim of this project is to tackle those challenges.

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