Postdoctoral Fellow

Phylogeographical information science: linking phylogenies and earth history

PI(s): David Kidd
Start Date: 1-Oct-2005
End Date: 31-Aug-2008
Keywords: phylogenetics, biogeography, software, computational modeling

Historical biogeography operates on the premise that life and earth evolve together. Ever more quantitative data on organism distributions, genetic variation and phylogenetic relationships, as well as past, present and future environments is becoming available in the literature and digital data repositories, however, little has been done to bring these disparate data sets together in more than a qualitative manner. With Xianhua Liu I have written the GeoPhyloBuilder extension for ArcGIS that creates a spatial network model from a phylogeny and geographical data defining the spatial location of tree tips and internal nodes. Future GeoPhyloBuilder developments of will include conversion of reticulate networks and distance matrices and inferred node positioning from historical biogeographic models. I collaborate with Mike Ritchie (St. Andrews), Ruth Hamill, Paolo Fontana (Padova) and Dr Nick Pepin (Geography, Portsmouth) on the analysis of patterns of diversity with climate in the European bushcricket genus Ephippiger. I also work with Dr. Constantino Marcias-Garcia (UNAM, Mexico City) and Mike Ritchie on the evolution of the Goodeidae family of freshwater fishes with the raising of the Mexican Mesa Central uplands. An ongoing project is the EvoViz Wiki that aims to be a repository of information on all aspects of visualizing evolution although so far is biased towards my own interests. I participate in the 'Phylogeography in the Northern Hemisphere' and ‘Developing an integrative algorithmic method for historical biogeography’ NESCent working groups.

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Software and DatasetsPublicationsPresentations
  • Xianhua Liu and David Kidd. (2008) GeoPhyloBuilder. Mapping and Visualization of Census of Marine Life Workshop, October 2008, The Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab at the Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at Duke University, Durham, NC. October 23-25, 2008