Postdoctoral Fellow

Process and pattern in the phylogenetic analysis of comparative data

PI(s): Liam J Revell
Start Date: 1-Aug-2009
End Date: 15-Jan-2011
Keywords: comparative methods, phylogenetics, computational modeling

At NESCent I am developing new methods to study the evolution of phenotypic diversity among organisms related by a phylogenetic tree.

For more information about my research, please visit my website:

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Software and DatasetsPublicationsPresentations
  • Talk: "Predation and tail autotomy in Anolis lizards." Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Meeting, Seattle, Washington.
  • Talk: "Alternative paradigms in phylogenetic comparative biology." University of Massachusetts, Boston; University Program in Ecology, Duke University.
  • Talk: "Ecology and evolution of tail autotomy in several lizard species." NESCent Brown Bag Lunch seminar, Durham, North Carolina.