Long-term Sabbatical

Evolution in a spatial context: a synthesis of theory and review

PI(s): Michael Whitlock (University of British Columbia)
Start Date: 1-Sep-2006
End Date: 31-May-2007
Keywords: population genetics, population ecology, mathematical modeling

During the tenure of this sabbatical, I will address two overlapping goals: (1) to complete the formulation of a general population genetics model of evolution in spatially structured populations and (2) to write a monograph that reviews the modern state of empirical and theoretical knowledge about evolution in space.

Related products

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  • Whitlock, M. C. Founder effects. Encyclopedia of Islands. University of California Press.
  • Effects of migration on the genetic covariance matrix Guillaume, F., and M. C. Whitlock (2007). Effects of migration on the genetic covariance matrix. Evolution 61(10): 2398 - 2409.
  • The analysis of biological data Whitlock, M. C., and D. Schluter. 2008. The analysis of biological data. Roberts & Co., ~870pp.
  • The costs and benefits of resource sharing Whitlock, M.C., B.H. Davis, and S. Yeaman (2007). The costs and benefits of resource sharing. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 20: 1772-1782.