Short-term Visitor

Evolutionary Dynamics of Forests under climate change

PI(s): Claire Williams (Forest History Society)
Start Date: 22-Feb-2010
End Date: 17-May-2010
Keywords: climate change, life histories, population genetics, management of natural populations

I propose a short-term visitor’s stint at NESCENT from February 21, 2010 to May 17, 2010 [corrected] for the purpose of completing four chapters of Domesticating Forest Carbon, a book under contract to Springer-Verlag. Managing forests for carbon sequestration translates into managing living photosynthetic infrastructure, not only log harvest. As such, forest carbon is an attractive notion but it is also fraught with concern over how forests will adapt to climate change while sequestering CO2. This question is being explored using two themes: a) viewing population structure on evolutionary, ecological and historical time scales and b) taking the entire diplohaplontic life cycle, not only the adult sporophyte, into account for climate change response. The result will be a more comprehensive and up-to-date view of forest adaptation as it relates to the managing forest carbon.

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