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Q: I want to submit a proposal for a NESCent award.  When is the application deadline? Is there anything else I should know before I apply?

 A:  The deadline for Postdoctoral Fellowship proposals is December 1, annually. Deadlines for Sabbatical Fellowship, Working Group Meeting and Catalysis Meeting proposals are July 10 and December 1, annually. Deadlines for Short Term Visitors proposals are January 1, April 1, July 1 and September 1, annually. Informatics White Papers are accepted at any time.

Please read our description of programs and proposal requirements for individual awards before you apply. Proposals can be submitted online through our NESCent Administrative Database.

Q: When can I expect to find out if my proposal was funded?

A: Notifications of decisions on proposal will be sent out ~3.5 months after the deadline.

Q: Hurrah! I just received NESCent working group or catalysis meeting award, what do I do now?

A: At first you should celebrate as NESCent’s program are highly competitive.  Second, please contact Danielle Wilson our Logistics Manager about your next steps. Please also read our Best Practices, Leader's Checklist, Reporting Requirements, and Travel Guidelines.


Q: I will be a postdoctoral, short-term, or sabbatical fellow.  What do I need to know before I arrive? 

A:  Welcome to NESCent!  All visiting scientists should read their relevant policies.

Graduate Students: Graduate Student Policy;

Postdoctoral Fellows: Exchange Program, Grant Policy, Mentoring Policy, Duke Postdoc Policy, NESCent Postdoc Policy, and Review Process;

Sabbatical Scholars: Final Report Template, Reporting Requirements, and Stipend Policy;

Short-Term Visitors: Reporting Requirements and Travel Guidelines.


Q: I would like NESCent to host my meeting. Who should I talk to?

A: Please read our Hosted Meeting Policy and contact our Logistics Coordinator, Danielle Wilson.


Q: How do I take care of travel and logistics for my visit to NESCent?

A: Please contact Danielle Wilson our Logistics Manager to make your travel arrangements.


Q: What kinds of IT support does NESCent provide?

A: NESCent’s IT group provides a wide range of services, hardware, and software.  Specifics about what we can offer PI’s can be found in our

Data and Software Policy, IT Support Policy, Working Group and Catalysis Meeting Multimedia Policy.

Q: I am preparing to submit a paper based on NESCent supported work.  How do I cite NESCent?

A: Congratulations on the manuscript.  Please make sure to include the following text in your acknowledgements:

Supported by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent), NSF #EF-0905606

Please contact Communications Manager Dr. Robin Smith about papers  in press and other products you would like our news office to highlight. Also please enter these into NEAD.


Q: My NESCent supported work resulted in a database, what is NESCent policy on data sharing?

A: NESCent is strongly committed to publically available products that arise out of any NESCent supported activity.  This includes open-access papers, open-source software, publically availably education materials, and unbound data sharing.  Please take time to review our

Data and Software Policy.


Q: How do I know if I have a conflict of interest?

A: Please read our conflict of interest policy


Q: How do I get to NESCent?

A: Please visit our webpage with directions to the center.


Q: How do I stay up-to-date on all that happens at NESCent?

A: You can receive news about funding, research and training opportunities, and upcoming events at NESCent by subscribing to our quarterly e-newsletter. For more frequent updates you can also subscribe to our RSS feed.


Q:  Where can I find NESCent logos for my website or presentation?

A:  You can find downloadable copies of the NESCent logo
at the NEScent logo page

Q: Where can I find announcements about employment opportunities at NESCent?

A: Our Center runs with the help of a dynamic team of programmers, financial experts, event planners, and other specialists. To find out about job openings as they become available, visit NESCent employment page

Please feel free to check back regularly, as we update this page whenever new positions arise.


Q: Where can I find out about courses and workshops at NESCent?

A: All of our courses and workshops are listed in the NESCent course page.


Q: I missed the public lecture sponsored by NESCent. Is there a way to watch it online?

A:  All of the Speaker Series videos, as well as other videos recorded/produced by NESCent can be found on our YouTube page


Q: Where do I find information about events, things to do, places to eat, places to get my caffeine fix, weather, childcare, housing, etc. in Durham?

A: Please visit our website for everything you wanted to know about Durham and more.