NESCent Conflict of Interest Policy


For members of the NESCent Advisory Board and at large members of the Operations Committee:

A conflict of interest exists if the PI or co-PI on a proposal is:

  • a current or former graduate or postdoc advisor or advisee;
  • a family member or close relative;
  • a collaborator within the past 2 years;

In addition, a conflict exists if the Board or OC member is a participant in a proposed meeting, or if there is any other reason that the individual is not able to provide an objective evaluation of the proposal.

If a Board member is a PI or co-PI on a proposal, then that member will be reclused from participation in all reviews during that particular round. An at large member of the OC must resign from the OC before submitting a proposal as a PI or co-PI.


For the NESCent Director and the Associate Directors

For NESCent Directors a conflict of interest exists in all of the above cases. In addition, a Director is in conflict if the PI or Co-PI is from that individual's institution.

A Director may not submit a proposal as a PI or co-PI and may not be listed as a participant in a meeting. Directors may participate in meetings once the meeting has been funded.

(Revised, December 2009)