Congratulations to the newest award recipients for 2010

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Peter Unmack
A GIS based approach to a priori prediction in aquatic biogeography

Jenny McGuire
Examining paleontological extinction patterns to predict modern extinction vulnerability

Jennifer Verdolin
Integrating behavioral syndromes into social networks: optimal distribution of phenotypes and group stability

Clinton Francis
Acoustic signal space conservatism: a framework for signal flexibility in noise

Rafael F Rubio de Casas
Dispersal evolution in the angiosperms: the origin of heterocarpy

Long-term Sabbatical Scholars:

James H. Hunt, NESCent
The origins of arthropod sociality

Armin Moczek, Indiana University-Bloomington
The nature of nurture: how environmental and genetic information interact to shape development and evolution

Dorothee Huchon, Tel-Aviv University
Current view of rodent phylogenetic relationships

Tal Pupko, Tel-Aviv University
Evolutionary models accounting for multi-layer selection pressures

Short-term visitors:

Claire Williams, Forest History Society
Domesticating forest carbon: a synthesis on forest adaptation to climate change

Shane Lavery, University of Auckland
Connectivity of New Zealand coastal marine communities: a synthesis of datasets

Catalysis Meetings:

Richard Moore (Miami University-Oxford; Tia-Lynn Ashman (University of Pittsburgh)
Emergence of gender and sex chromosomes: evolutionary insights from a diversity of taxa

James H. Hunt (NESCent)
Evolution of insect sociality: an integrative modeling approach

Greger Larson (Durham University), Dolores Piperno (National Museum of Natural History), Dorian Fuller (University College-London), Michael Purugganan (New York University), Robin Allaby (University of Warwick)
Domestication as an evolutionary phenomenon: expanding the synthesis

Sarah Reece (Institutes of Evolution, Immunology and Infection Research), Andrew Read (Pennsylvania State University), Nick Savill (University of Edinburgh), Nicole Mideo (University of Edinburgh)
Evolution of infectious diseases: Integrating empirical and modeling approaches

Working Groups:

John Gowdy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Integrating evolutionary theory with behavioral economics

MSI Faculty Travel Awards:

James Archie, California State University, Long Beach
Jason Munshi-South, Baruch College, The City University of New York
Aditi Pai, Spelman College

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