NESCent welcomes new postdocs Julie Meachen-Samuels, Liam Revell, and Eric Schuettpelz

Julie joined NESCent in August 2009 from the University of California at Los Angeles. She plans to examine the evolutionary consequences of competition in extinct North American carnivores, including the American lion and the legendary saber-toothed tiger. For more information about Julie's work, click here

Eric will use DNA and fossil data from vascular plants to examine the origin of modern tropical rain forests. Formerly a PhD student at Duke University, Eric joined NESCent in August 2009. Read more about Eric's research by clicking here.

Most recently a PhD student at Harvard University, Liam is interested in developing new methods for analyzing phylogenetic trees. While at NESCent, Liam plans to use these methods to examine the microevolutionary processes underlying the diversification of extant taxa. To read more about Liam's work, click here.

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