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Types of Proposals


Traditional Sabbaticals

Targeted Sabbaticals

Short-Term Visitors

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For specific, targeted activities, the Center will pay stipends up to the equivalent of a full salary for targeted sabbaticals (monthly stipend equal to 1/12 of 9-month salary at home institution). A housing allowance up to $1000/month can also be provided.

This allows individuals to come without regard to their personal sabbatical schedules, but justifies the expectation that these individuals will devote effort to deliverable products in educational infrastructure.

We strongly prefer sabbaticals of 6 months to 1 year; however, for people who want to spend a substantial amount of time at NESCent doing a project, but are unable to commit to a 6 month or more time period, we encourage you to propose alternative arrangements.

What Activities are Currently "Targeted"?

Faculty from Minority Serving Institutions

Bringing Evolutionary Biologists from Minority-Serving Institutions to NESCent to lead efforts to increase minority participation in science or develop educational activities

More information on these sabbaticals can be found here.

Distinguished Sabbatical Scholars

This program is designed for senior researchers who would like to see their long-term high-value data collections preserved in a digital archive and made available to the evolutionary biology community with sufficient auxilliary information that the data can be used in perpetuity.  NESCent staff will work with the Distinguished Scholar to digitally archive field notes, lab measurements, image files, etc. and make the data available at the time of the Scholar's choosing (e.g. immediately or following the Scholar's retirement). 

Before you Apply

Applicants may contact Allen Rodrigo, Director of NESCent or Susan Alberts, Associate Director of Science and Synthesis, for feedback on project ideas.  Please review our Conflict of Interest and Data And Software policies before applying.  For technical support, write to


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