New Awards Announced

The awards from the June 2007 call for proposals have been announced. Four new working groups and a sabbatical scholar received funding.

Michael Schwartz and Fred Allendorf will be leading a working group co-sponsored by NESCent and NCEAS on “Genetic Monitoring: Development of tools for conservation and management” . This working group will focus on developing guidelines for and exploring the potential uses of genetic monitoring in conservation.

Samantha Forde and Ivana Gudelj will be leading “Mathematical models, microbes & evolutionary diversification” which will address one of the 125 questions identified by Science – specifically: What determines species diversity?

As a follow-up to the NESCent catalysis meeting on “Evolution in Contemporary Human Populations”, Diddahally Govindaraju, Andrew Clark, Trudy Mackay and Stephen Stearns will be leading the working group “Measuring evolutionary change in modern human populations”. The group will be applying evolutionary analysis tools to the Framingham Heart Study to explore microevolution in this population.

Kenneth Kozak, Catherine Graham, and Carsten Rahbek will be leading “Montane diversity in space and time” in studying evolutionary factors in biological diversity in montane regions.

George Gilchrist, from the College of William and Mary, will be doing a sabbatical at NESCent starting in Fall 2008. Dr. Gilchrist will be working on the "Evolution of Performance Curves in Seasonal Environments” looking at the effects of changing temperature and photoperiods on population sizes.

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