Meta-analysis seeking data on group size and parasitism

The NESCent working group Developing a Novel Journal Concept for Evolutionary Meta-Analyses" is exploring ways to enhance meta-analyses and syntheses through broader requests for data. Here, we present one pilot request for data for a proposed synthetic work.

Charles Nunn and Laszlo Garamszegi seek unpublished results and "pointers" to published results involving the association between group size and parasitism in vertebrates. The data will be used in a meta-analysis to investigate the links between sociality and parasitism. All published studies will be cited in resultant publications, and unpublished work may be given credit through consortium coauthorship for the person providing the data.

For more information, see Charles L. Nunn's web site, or these web sites on mammal parasites and the phylogeny of sleep.

If you have questions about the broader NESCent project of enhancing synthetic works, or have an idea for a synthetic work that you'd like to pursue that also would benefit from broader requests for data, please contact Mohamed Noor (Duke) or Maria Servedio (UNC-Chapel Hill), or see the proposal application.

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