Learn about allergies, cancer, and vanished evolutionary biologist Margie Profet, Thurs. 11/3 at 12noon

Please join us at NESCent on Thursday Nov. 3rd from 12noon-1 for a brown bag lunch presentation by journalist-in-residence Mike Martin.

Mike is working on an article about evolutionary biologist Margie Profet, an unconventional and often controversial researcher who vanished (literally) in 2005.

Learn about the unusual circumstances surrounding Margie Profet’s life and work, and new findings that may vindicate her controversial take on everyday evolution – including her theories for why allergy sufferers have reduced rates of certain cancers.

All who are interested in attending are welcome.

What: "Margie Profet's Unfinished Symphony," by freelance journalist Mike Martin
When: Thursday, November 3rd, 12noon at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in Durham
More info: /science/awards_summary.php?id=300
Directions to NESCent: /about/directions.php.html

When you get to Erwin Mill, look for the door marked Bay A. Come up the stairs to the left. After you come in the door at the top of the stairs turn to your left again and you'll find the NESCent lobby. Sign in at the front desk, and the person there can show you where to go next.

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