Celebrate Darwin's birthday with a talk & guided tour through the NC Botanical Garden; Sat Feb.12; 2-4pm

Please join us in celebrating the birthdays of Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln -- both born on February 12, 1809 -- with a plant adaptations walk through the NC Botanical Garden, a short reception, followed by a lively presentation. Associate Director for Conservation, Dr. Johnny Randall will lead us through the Garden's plant collections and discuss the various ways in which plants have adapted to the environment, such as through carnivory and fire response. Dr. Rafael de Casas, a National Evolutionary Synthesis Center fellow, will speak on "What can Darwin teach us about the study of botany"? He will describe why Darwin primarily turned to plants to test his Natural Selection theory, how his botanical questions are still meaningful today, and explore what in particular we might learn from Darwin and his interests in plants. In-between the walk and presentation, we will enjoy some food and drink to bolster us on a mid-February day. This program is free, but please call 962-0522 to register.

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