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*Apply for fellowships for graduate students, postdocs, sabbatical faculty, short-term visitors and meetings

*Beef up your evolutionary toolbox: browse upcoming evolution courses from the NESCent Academy

*Apply for a travel award to attend the June 2011 Evolution meetings in Norman, OK

*Bring cutting-edge molecular evolution research to your classroom. Find videos, activities and more

*Celebrate Darwin's birthday with NESCent-sponsored events in North Carolina, Nebraska, Iowa and Virginia

*Read the top 5 reasons why you should publish your data. Video shows you how it's done

*Participate in a newly-funded Research Coordination Network for researchers in ontology and taxonomy

*Apply to be an evolution journalist-in-residence

*Learn what sets mankind's closest relatives -- monkeys, apes, and other primates -- apart from other animals

*Meet the newest award recipients for 2010-2011

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