Evolution blog contest and travel award winners announced

We have our winners! Thanks to all the talented bloggers who entered this year’s evolution blogging contest, sponsored by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in Durham, NC. The judges had an incredibly difficult time picking just two posts. Our top two finalists will receive $750 to offset travel expenses to ScienceOnline2011, to be held January 14-17 in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park. We are pleased to announce two finalists, and a three-way tie for runner(s)-up. Without further ado, here they are:

SouthernPlaylisticEvolutionMusic: How some females respond to nuptial gifts. by Danielle Lee
Day's Edge Productions: Do mother birds play God? by Neil Losin

Honorable Mention
Southern Fried Science: Bed bugs: better bitten than smitten. by Andrew Thaler
Save Your Breath for Running Ponies: You should probably just move oceans, male gulf pipefish. by Becky Crew
Thoughtomics: Crabs expose colliding continents. by Lucas Brouwers

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