Tune in Fri. 11/5 for a live webcast on molecular evolution

Interested in molecular evolution? Tune in this Friday, Nov. 5th from 2-6pm EST for a live webcast featuring Sean Carroll, Hopi Hoekstra, Butch Brodie, and NESCent's very own Allen Rodrigo at this year's meeting of the National Association of Biology Teachers.

Learn about Butch Brodie’s research on the toxin arms race between newts and garter snakes, and Allen Rodrigo's insights on the practical and research value of studies in viral evolution. Hear about Hopi Hoekstra’s research into the underlying molecular mechanisms of coat color in beach mice, and Sean Carroll’s work in drosophila wing coloration.

To watch the symposium, entitled "Molecular insights into classic examples of evolution," tune in Friday, November 5th from 2:00-6:00 PM EST and go to: http://dukeuniversity.na5.acrobat.com/nabt2010

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