Read about new initiatives and upcoming events in our Fall 2010 newsletter

In this issue:

*Apply for fellowships for graduate students, postdocs, sabbatical faculty, short-term visitors, and meetings

*Publish and preserve your data in the Dryad digital data repository

*Win a conference travel award for best evolution-themed blog

*Tune in to a live webcast of a molecular evolution symposium featuring Butch Brodie, Allen Rodrigo, Hopi Hoekstra, and Sean Carroll

*Learn about our summer internships in open-source software development

*Take advantage of a recently-funded Research Coordination Network for researchers working across the fields of evolution, development, and ecology

*Meet our newest award recipients for 2010

*Discover the genetic secrets that allow Tibetans to thrive in thin air

*Read recent research on body evolution in island lizards

*Find out why you should never arm wrestle a saber-toothed tiger

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