Working group and Catalysis Meeting Awards

The following working groups and catalysis meetings received awards in the latest round of funding:

Catalysis Meeting

Daniel Hartline (University of Hawaii), David Colman (McGill University), Petra Hoepcke Lenz (University of Hawaii), Mark Martindale (University of Hawaii), Elaine Seaver (University of Hawaii), and Gunter Paul Wagner (Yale University), “Myelin, A New Model for Evolutionary Innovation

Working Groups

Lauren Buckley (Santa Fe Institute), Michael Angilletta (Indiana State University), Robert Holt (University of Florida), and Joshua Tewksbury (University of Washington), “Mechanistic Distribution Models: Energetics, Fitness, and Population Dynamics”. Co-sponsored by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS).

David Lahti (University of Massachusetts) and Susan Foster (Clark University), “Relaxed Selection and Trait Loss in Evolution

Charles Nunn (University of California – Berkeley) and Brian Hare (Duke University), “How Does Cognition Evolve?

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