Scientists, physicians urge medical schools to teach evolution

A recent white paper in the November 16 2009 edition of PNAS summarizes suggestions from several groups that have considered how evolutionary biology can be useful in medicine, what physicians should learn about it, and when and how they should learn it. It is based on a Sackler Colloquium at the USA National Academy in April 2009. The paper is open access, a pdf can be downloaded here:

Making evolutionary biology a basic science for medicine Nesse RM, Bergstrom CT, Ellison PT, Flier JS, Gluckman P, Govindaraju DR, Niethammer D, Omenn GS, Perlman RL, Schwartz MD, Thomas MG, Stearns SC, Valle D. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Published online before print November 16, 2009. [ more ]