Congratulations to the newest award recipients for 2010

Working groups:

Germination, Trait Coevolution, and Niche Limits in Changing Environments
PIs: Kathleen Donohue and Rafael Rubio de Casas

Grass Phylogeny Working Group II: Inferring the complex history of C4 photosynthesis in grasses
PIs: Erika Edwards, Nicolas Salamin , and Stephen Smith

Communicating the Relevance of Human Evolution
PIs: Norman Johnson, Louise Mead , and James Smith

Catalysis meetings:

Evolution of G Protein Coupled Signaling: Lineages, Constraints, and Tempo
PIs: Alan Jones , Joe Thorton , Jotun Hein , and Etsuko Moriyama

Integrating datasets to investigate megafaunal extinction in the Late Quaternary
PIs: Jessica Metcalf, Robert Guralnick , and Alan Cooper

Short-term Visitors:

Movement Paleoecology, Trace Fossils, and the Evolution of Behavior, Roy Plotnick

The origin of evolutionary novelties in amphibian head development, Lennart Olsson

Translation of field notes for developmental study of chimpanzee vocal communication, Frans Plooij

Long-term sabbatical scholars:

Sex, cells: an evolutionary inquiry into sexual reproduction, John Logsdon

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