The NESCent Operations Committee

The NESCent Operations Committee (OC) is composed of the NESCent Director and Associate Directors, three at-large members, representing each of the participating Universities and one postdoctoral fellow.  The Assistant Director for Administration participates as an ex officio member.

The primary responsibilities of the Operations Committee are to:

  • Provide feedback and advice to the Directors on the ordinary operation of the Center.
  • Participate with the Directors in planning and evaluating NESCent initiated activities, including major science, EOG and informatics initiatives.
  • Assist in the preparation and/or evaluation of annual reports, site visit reports, and Center grants.
  • Discuss and offer final approval for all funding recommendations brought forth by the Center Director and Associate Director for Science and Synthesis following review by the Science Advisory Board.
  • Serve as mentors for postdoctoral fellows.
  • Discuss and provide recommendations on the annual reports and requests for a third year of funding by postdoctoral fellows (discussions exclude the postdoctoral representative).
  • Meet with the NESCent Advisory Board, NSF representatives, and site visit teams as necessary.
  • Participate in scientific and outreach activities of the Center as possible, including blackboard lunches, symposia, annual retreats, the postdoc professional development series, journal club and reading groups.
  • Contribute, as appropriate, to broader Center outreach activities.

Selection and Terms of members:

The at-large representatives shall be nominated by the current OC and invited to serve by the Center Director.  Members will be selected primarily on the basis of commitment to Center goals and a willingness to participate in Center activities, as well as field diversity and general demographic considerations.  The term of membership is two years.  This term may be extended as appropriate. The postdoctoral representative will be nominated by the postdoctoral fellows and invited to serve by the Center Director.  The term of membership is one year.  This term may be extended as appropriate.

Meeting schedule

Meetings are generally scheduled for once a month, but may be more frequent if necessary. 


At-large Members of the Operations Committee:

NCSU Representative
Jeff Thorne
phone: 919-515-1946
NCSU Faculty Page


UNC Representative
Maria Servedio
phone: 919-843-2692
UNC Faculty Page


Duke Representative
Louise Roth
phone: 919-660-7352
Duke Faculty Page