GMOD Tools for Evolutionary Biology Hackathon

Date8-Nov-2010 ~ 12-Nov-2010
SummaryThis hackathon addressed critical gaps in the capabilities of the Generic Model Organism Database (GMOD) toolbox that limited its utility for evolutionary research. Specifically, we focused on tools for 1) viewing comparative genomics data; 2) visualizing phylogenomic data; and 3) supporting population diversity data and phenotype annotation. The event brought together a group of 30 software developers, end-user representatives, and documentation experts who would otherwise not have met. The participants included key developers of GMOD components that lacked features critical for emerging evolutionary biology research, developers of informatics tools in evolutionary research that lacked GMOD integration, and informatics-savvy biologists who represented end-user requirements. This hackathon provided a unique opportunity to infuse the community of GMOD developers with a heightened awareness of unmet needs in evolutionary biology that GMOD components have the potential to fill, and for tool developers in evolutionary biology to better understand how best to extend or integrate with already existing GMOD components.
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