Meeting: Working Group

Software for Bayesian Evolutionary Analysis by Sampling Trees

Date12-Oct-2009 ~ 15-Oct-2009
ProjectSoftware for bayesian evolutionary analysis by sampling trees
SummaryA major trend in evolutionary biology is the progression towards analytical approaches that synthesize a wide array of data sources to test hypotheses about evolutionary history and the processes the produced it. In this context, Bayesian inference has proved particularly useful in allow the direct incorporation of information from the fossil record, molecular sequences, geographical locations and habitat into coherent model-based estimation and hypothesis testing procedures. The BEAST software package provide a broard range of models for evolutionary analysis from coalescent-based population genetics to relaxed phylogenetics. The aim of this project is to coordinate activities in this burgeoning area, through a series of working group meetings centered around developments of the open source BEAST software package. The output of these meeting will be version 2.0 of the BEAST software, with an ambitious set of goals including the Bayesian phylogenetic analysis of trees with >1000 taxa. This working group will bring together evolutionary biologists, biostatiticians and software developers from three continents, that span the full range of evolutionary analysis from population genetics to molecular ecology and deep phylogeny.