2009 Postdoctoral Retreat

Date4-May-2009 ~ 6-May-2009
SummaryThe in-house scientific community of NESCent, composed primarily of post-doctoral fellows, provides the backbone of synthetic evolutionary research at the center. Vital to collaboration is a community that is welcoming and bolsters the informal and formal exchange of scientific ideas. The goal of the retreat was to provide a forum for Post-Docs to interact both scientifically and socially, outside the confines of the conventional setting and where both professional and personal commitments are minimal. The retreat would give the postdoctoral fellows an opportunity to recharge, contemplate, bond, and renew. The postdoctoral retreat for 2009 focused on four main specific goals under the overarching theme of building community: 1. Understanding the postdoctoral role at NESCent and the opportunities and resources available for postdoctoral fellows to realize this role 2. Professional development 3. Assessment and feedback on NESCent and current postdoctoral policy 4. Making plans to guide synthetic activities and community building in the next year