Meeting: Working Group

Developing an Integrative Algorithmic Method for Historical Biogeography

Date21-Apr-2007 ~ 24-Apr-2007
ProjectDeveloping an integrative algorithmic method for historical biogeography
SummaryWe propose to convene a Working Group, Developing an Integrative Algorithmic Method for Historical Biogeography. Our goal is to create an integrative search algorithm to reconstruct historical geographic patterns that are evidenced in the relationships of extant and extinct species. The resulting algorithm(s) and their implementation will contend with events that are hypothesized to affect whole biotas, such as the cleavage of areas (vicariance), area-fusions/reticulations, but also the recognition and evaluation of idiosyncratic events including long-distance dispersal, failure to differentiate, sympatric speciation and extinction. These event-based estimates also will incorporate estimates of the ages of taxic divergences, geological/ecological vicariance events, and other phenomena of Earth History, all with appropriate sensitivity to the degree of underlying corroboration that may or may not exist for the relevant input data.
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