Meeting: Working Group

Phytogeography of the Northern Hemisphere

Date5-Mar-2006 ~ 9-Mar-2006
ProjectPhytogeography of the northern hemisphere
SummaryThe “Phytogeography of the Northern Hemisphere� working group will investigate the history of plant movements and diversification around the Northern Hemisphere, and thereby the assembly of modern plant communities. One goal is the development of a comprehensive, readily accessible database for plant clades disjunct around the NH, including phylogenetic knowledge, paleobotanical information, age estimates, data on characteristics relevant to dispersal/diversification, clade disparity measures, and distribution data/range maps. We also plan to modify existing methods and develop new analytical tools for inferring ages, ancestral areas, and diversification rates. Lastly, we will propose a new synthetic theory for NH biogeography, resulting in one or more major group publications. Representatives: Peabody Museum of Natural History - Yale University, Duke University, Florida Museum of Natural History, NC State University, Smithsonian Institute, California Academy of Sciences, The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, University of Munich, The University of Edinburgh, Field Museum of Natural History, Yale University, The University of Iowa.
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