Genomic Patterns and Processes of Introgression

Date16-Dec-2006 ~ 19-Dec-2006
SummaryAmong the clearest emergent trends of the burgeoning body of genome-scale information from diverse forms of life is that divergence proceeds at nonuniform rates among genomic regions and populations. Progress beyond the description of patterns of genome variation entails communication and collaboration among empiricists and theorists. The Genomic Introgression (GI) working group brings together statisticians, mathematicians, computer scientists, and biologists to address the processes of genomic divergence. Likelihood-based methods developed by members of the group will serve to seed the development of new statistical and computational approaches. Methodological development will first address closely-related Drosophila species, for which members of the group have made significant contributions to the existing wealth of genomic, genetic, and physiological information. Participants will then address the demographic and selective processes that have contributed to divergence between the human genome and those of gorilla (expected in 2007) and chimpanzee.