Computational Phyloinformatics Summer Course 2007

Date9-Jul-2007 ~ 19-Jul-2007
SummaryPhylogenetics is key to studying evolution, systematics, comparative genomics, and bioinformatics — phylogenies are now ubiquitous in the biological literature. However, with the growth in computational power and DNA sequencing, and with ever more complex substitution models and analytical methods, it is less and less practical to run simple, one-shot analyses on a personal computer with an off-the-shelf program. As a result, we increasingly rely on custom-scripted analyses or custom-designed computational pipelines, and often on large compute machines or clusters. While books and courses on phylogenetics are common, it is harder to find information on how to script large-scale and complex analyses, or how to write your own scripts and programs. This course aims to address this gap by introducing these skills in a practical, hands-on course at NESCent (National Evolutionary Synthesis Center).
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