Meeting: Working Group

Modeling Variation in Gene Networks

Date28-Feb-2008 ~ 1-Mar-2008
ProjectModeling variation in gene networks
SummaryThe Modeling Variation in Gene Networks working group will bring together a team of investigators from the biological sciences and allied fields in order to develop new methods and approaches for incorporating information about genetic variation into models of genetic and biochemical networks. This effort will advance our understanding of gene network structure, function, and evolution and will provide new insights into the relationship between genetic variation and phenotypic variation. These are issues of fundamental importance in population and evolutionary biology and also have significant practical applications in the biomedical sciences. Anticipated results from this effort will include: 1) extensions to current mathematical/computational gene network modeling frameworks to facilitate modeling of genetic and phenotypic variation; 2) prototype database/model specification formats for representing genetic networks and associated variation in the elements and outputs of such networks; 3) advances towards understanding variation and evolution of specific gene networks in several model and non-model organisms.
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