Meeting: Catalysis Meeting

Integrated Studies of Genetic Networks: A New Evolutionary Synthesis

Date13-Jan-2006 ~ 16-Jan-2006
ProjectIntegrated studies of genetic networks: a new evolutionary synthesis
SummaryJanuary 13-16, 2006 Integrated studies of genetic networks: A new evolutionary synthesis

There has been a recent surge of interest in the structure and function of biological networks, but our understanding of how and why genetic networks evolve to their current structure is still in it's infancy. By bringing together researchers already working on the evolution of genetic networks with scientists whose expertise lies in other fields, we hope to stimulate dialogue and develop new ideas in this area. The pool of attendees will be diverse in both methodology and scope, including researchers using empirical, bioinformatic, and theoretical approaches to address network problems, as well as those who work on organismal, social, and disease networks.

Representatives: Amherst, University of Arizona, University of New Mexica, University of California – Davis, University of Toronto, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Duke, University of Georgia, University of Florida, McGill University, Gulbankian Institute, Nation Institutes of Health, Princeton University, Indiana University, University of Oregon, Weizmann Institute, Cambridge University, Iowa State University, Stanford University, Florida State University, University of Texas - Austin, University of Manchester.
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