Meeting: Working Group

Plant EvoGenomics Working Group: Advancing Comparative Functional Genomics

Date17-Sep-2006 ~ 20-Sep-2006
ProjectThe plant evogenomics working group: advancing comparative functional genomics
SummaryThe Plant Evolutionary Genomics working group combines expertise in phylogenetics, developmental biology and informatics to develop improved tools for comparative functional genomics. Gene and genome duplications have played a profound role in plant evolution. Given the high frequency of such duplication events, cross-species comparative analyses of gene expression and function are best considered within the context of gene family phylogenies. A gene family perspective of gene function is required in order to transfer knowledge from experimentally tractable plant species to non-models while accounting for shifts in gene function following duplication events. While phylogenetically grounded comparative studies of gene expression and function have been carried out on a few well studied gene families, methods for ramping up to genome-scale analyses are under development. The working group will advance these efforts by coordinating ongoing development of databases and analysis pipelines that place gene expression and functional data within the context of gene family phylogenies.