Evo-Ed meeting

Date10-Jul-2006 ~ 12-Jul-2006
SummaryCatalysis Meeting: NESCent Education and Outreach Group (EOG) Evolution Education (EvoEd) Working Group Organizers: NESCent EOG: Kristin Jenkins, Jory Weintraub, Greg Gibson NESCent’s EOG will be bringing together approximately 25 of the most active participants in the Evolution Education community, including representatives from academia (both college/university and pre-college), government agencies, non-profit education groups and informal science education (ISE) institutions. The goals will be to identify the top challenges in evolution education and discuss ways in which these challenges can be addressed. It is anticipated that smaller working groups will arise as individuals identify specific projects on which they would like to work. Representatives: McGill University/EERC, Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, University of Nebraska, University of Pittsburgh, University of Michigan, SUNY Stony Brook, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Beloit College, National Research Council, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, American Institute of Biological Sciences, Indiana University/ENSI, University of Oregon, University of California Museum of Paleontology, National Center for Science Education, The Northwest School, University of Oklahoma, New York Hall of Science, UNC Greensboro, Michigan State University