Catalysis Meeting

Paths to Cephalopod Genomics- Strategies, Choices, Organization

PI(s): Clifton Ragsdale (University of Chicago (Chicago,IL))
Laure Bonnaud (University Paris Diderot-Paris 7)
Leonid Moroz (Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, Univ. Florida)
Start Date: 2-Nov-2011
End Date: 3-Dec-2012
Keywords: genomics, evolutionary novelty, neurobiology, evo-devo, gene structure and function

Cephalopods such as squids and octopuses are voracious marine predators. Their success relies on evolutionary innovations not found in other invertebrates, including large brains, eyes of great acuity and prehensile arms. The gene regulatory mechanisms underlying these innovations are completely unknown and impossible to address without substantial genomic information. The purpose of the proposed Catalysis Meeting is to bring together a diverse group of researchers, some who study cephalopod biology, others who have expertise in genomics and next-generation sequencing methods, to consider the best strategies for cephalopod genomic sequencing to address current and future studies of cephalopod biology, including cephalopod evolution. The objective of the Catalysis Meeting will be to develop a roadmap for moving cephalopod research into the post-genomic age. The goals will include establishing collaborations for sequencing and data sharing, deciding whether the field is best served by a single-species reference genome, and preparing a white
paper to guide cephalopod genomic research.

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