Evolution Across the Curriculum

Evolution Across the Curriculum (EVAC) is a working group of NESCent that is developing a collection of exemplars that demonstrate why evolution is the underlying framework on which rests our understanding of all of biology (Dobzhansky was right!). These exemplars will be used for several collaborative projects including those of AIBS, NESCent, and Understanding Evolution.

Biology traditionally has not been presented from an evolutionary viewpoint, but an evolutionary perspective could provide deeper insights and better student understanding of all concepts and topics. Evolution can serve to connect core content across the biological sciences.  We are asking you to provide examples of specific structures, functions, processes or behaviors explained through evolutionary thinking. These may be as specific as the action of a single gene or as broad as a process as community interactions.

Once submitted, your idea(s) will be added to a database from which we will develop a set of exemplars that instructors (high school to college) can use to infuse evolution throughout their teaching. Your name will be added to the list of contributors to this project. We request your name and email so that we may contact you for clarification if needed.

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Database of Evolution Projects

Many groups are developing materials to support teaching with an evolutionary theme.  The Evolution Across the Curriculum group is building a public database of these projects to promote use of an evolutionary theme in teaching biology.  View the current database here. Make suggestions for projects to add here.