Minority Outreach Database

Historically, one of the barriers to increased minority student participation in graduate programs and research opportunities in evolutionary biology has been difficulty accessing a comprehensive “one-stop” database of all of the colleges, universities and research centers that offer such programs.

Similarly, the research and graduate institutions have often struggled to find comprehensive listings of institutions and departments with significant populations of under-represented minority students, making targeted outreach to these students challenging.

To address these challenges, one of Dr. John Clamp’s targeted sabbatical projects at NESCent was the creation of comprehensive databases which contain this information. Compiling these databases and listing them on the NESCent EOG website is expected to lead to increased awareness of programs and information flow, with the ultimate goal of increasing minority representation in evolutionary biology.

NESCent’s website and databases (generated by Dr. Clamp) will serve as sources of information which is communicated via listserves, as well as via members of NESCent’s EEHMU Working Group .

Hosting of Targeted HMU Sabbatarians at NESCent, as well as visits by NESCent scientists to MSI campuses to deliver lectures and seminars also increases awareness and exchange of information.

Database One: Evolution Graduate Programs and Research Opportunities

Database Two: Minority Serving Institutions and Other Institutions with Significant Minority Enrollment