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Evolution in the News

Evolutionary Transformations:The legacies of two influential scientists on evolutionary thought

NABT Evolution Symposium November 2, 2012 12:00pm-4:00pm Dallas,TX [ more ]


Evolution may seem like something that happened a long time ago, and as such it can be difficult for students to see the relevance to their own lives.  To make evolution current for students, we have developed this collection of stories about recent breakthroughs in evolutionary biology research and its applications in society.  Originally these stories were text only, but in 2007 we started adding video podcasts to compliment the text stories. 

In February 2008 NESCent launched a collaboration with Understanding Evolution.  Understanding Evolution is a premier website with extensive educational resources, including lesson plans and explanations of basic evolutionary concepts.  This collaboration results in monthly Evolution in the News text stories and podcasts.  The stories, along with links to background literature and classroom resources are available on the Understanding Evolution site, and the podcasts are available here.

NESCent also has a collection of Evolution in the News stories generated prior to our collaboration with Understanding Evolution which can be found here: Archived Evolution in the News.  All the NESCent podcasts may be downloaded from iTunes U