Neo Top NESCent scientists love their work and love to talk about it! They are happy to visit classes or groups to give presentations about their work.  Learn how to participate in this program on this page.

NESCent scientists will give presentations on their work to your class or community group.  They are a great resource for learning about current research and the practical applications of evolutionary biology, as well as general topics in evolutionary biology.  A speaker will come to your site if you are near NESCent, or by video conference for more distant locations.  Check the directory of Post-doctoral Fellows and Sabbatical Scholars to identify potential speakers, or contact us and let us know what you are looking for. 

Past Presentations

Greg Gibson, University of North Carolina, Pembroke, Biology Department Seminar, NC, 2006

Josh Granek, "Exploring the Origins of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic", Norfolk State University REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) Closing Symposium, VA,  July 27, 2006

Paul Lewis,"Creating Phylogenetic Trees", North Carolina School for Science and Math Evolution Class, NC, May 24, 2006

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