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July 6, 2012

Ottawa, Canada

Science educators in the Ottawa area are invited to join evolutionary biologists and other science educators at the First Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology for “EVO 101”, a one day workshop on evolution and using evolutionary data in the classroom. Come learn about exciting research in the field of evolution and attend sessions featuring hands-on activities designed to facilitate the integration of ecological and evolutionary data into your curriculum.

Workshop to include: Talks by scientists and educators and hands-on activities demonstrating effective and fun ways to teach evolution; FREE teaching resources and other give-aways for participants; an opportunity to meet and chat with professional evolutionary biologists who both study and teach evolution; attendance at the Gould Award Lecture, given by the recipient of the Stephen Jay Gould Prize, awarded annually by the Society for the Study of Evolution to recognize individuals whose sustained and exemplary efforts have advanced public understanding of evolutionary science and its importance in biology, education, and everyday life in the spirit of Stephen Jay Gould.

Registration fee is $35, and includes morning coffee and bagels and lunch.  Participants will receive a collection of resources and materials for teaching evolution. Contact Kristin Jenkins ( or Louise Mead ( for additional information. Register for the workshop here.



Tentative Schedule
8:00am Registration and Coffee/bagels
8:30am Introductions
9:00am T. Ryan Gregory, University of Guelph
9:45am Break
10:00am Break out sessions
12:00pm Lunch - catered
1:00pm Sam Donovan , University of Pittsburgh - Learning to Swim: Dealing with Data in the Digital Age
1:45pm Panel discussion of Data Literacy
2:15pm Break
2:30pm Break out sessions
4:00pm Raffle and Wrap up

4:30pm Workshop adjourns



Workshop Leaders

Kristin Jenkins, Ph.D.

NESCent Education and Outreach

Dr. Jenkins has a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology and has been working in biology education for over 14 years. She has taught high school and college, developed curriculum with BSCS and other groups and led teacher workshops on a variety of topics in biology.  She is the Executive Director of BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium. 

Louise Mead, Ph.D.
Director of Education, BEACON

Louise is an evolutionary biologist with a broad range of teaching and administrative experience.  Louise started her career as a high school science teacher and then earned a PhD in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Massachusetts.  She spent four years as the Education Project Director for the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), and is currently the Education Director at the BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action. Louise has published her scientific work in Evolution, TREE, served as a science content and education consultant, and regularly contributes to the journal Evolution: Education and Outreach. 

More about SSE, NESCent and BEACON

The Society for the Study of Evolution was founded in March, 1946. The objectives of the Society for the Study of Evolution are the promotion of the study of organic evolution and the integration of the various fields of science concerned with evolution. The Society publishes the scientific journal Evolution and holds annual meetings in which scientific findings on evolutionary biology are presented and discussed.nescent logo

BEACON logoThe National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) is a nonprofit science center dedicated to cross-disciplinary research in evolution. NESCent promotes the synthesis of information, concepts and knowledge to address significant, emerging, or novel questions in evolutionary science and its applications. NESCent achieves this by supporting research and education across disciplinary, institutional, geographic, and demographic boundaries.  The Education and Outreach group at NESCent develops and disseminates resources, provides professional development opportunities and education working groups.  NESCent is jointly operated by Duke University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University, and is funded by the National Science Foundation.


The BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action approaches evolution in an innovative way, bringing together biologists, computer scientists, and engineers to study evolution as it happens and apply this knowledge to solve real-world problems. BEACON is an NSF Science and Technology Center, headquartered at Michigan State University with partners at North Carolina A&T State University, University of Idaho, University of Texas at Austin, and University of Washington.