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How to Apply

Please apply for the course here. Students will be selected from the application pool based on their skills, experience, and education. We seek students who are best positioned to benefit form this course in terms of their future research and scientific career. Applicants will need to supply a curriculum vitae in PDF format, two contacts for letters of recommendation, personal and demographic information, some brief descriptions of their experience in phylogenetics and computer science, and an explanation of how they expect to benefit from the course.

Cancellation Terms:
Housing portion of the course fee is not reimbursable; tuition will be reimbursed for justified cancellations (e.g. medical or family emergencies) or if a replacement can be drawn from the waiting list.

Important Dates:
April 22: Application deadline
May 1: Applicants informed of their status: accepted, wait-listed, or declined
May 15: Deadline for submission of tuition and housing fees
July 24: Participants arrive in Durham
July 25: First day of class
August 4: Participants leave Durham

Note that SSB’s Scholarship for Travel Awards for International Students is due March 31, 2008