Proposals for faculty sabbaticals are short, not to exceed 5 single-spaced (12-pt type) research proposal pages including bibliographic references. CVs may be up to an additional 2 pages.

Proposals should be organized as follows:

  1. Title (80 characters max)
  2. Name and contact information
  3. Preferred Duration and Requested Stipend Amount - based on a 9-month salary at home institution
  4. Project Summary (250 words max) - appropriate for public distribution on the NESCent web site
  5. Introduction and Goals - What important evolutionary problem is being addressed?
  6. Proposed Activities - What specific data and analytical tools will be used? How will synthesis occur?
  7. Rationale for NESCent Support - Why can this activity be most effectively conducted at NESCent?
  8. Proposed Timetable - include start date month and year
  9. Anticipated Results - include anticipated papers, data and software products, and anticipated public release of data and products
  10. Short CV of the applicant (2 pages). Do not include talks, society memberships, nor papers in preparation.


Proposals will be accepted in digital format only as a pdf file. Graphics should be embedded directly into the proposal document. Note that proposals should be submitted as a single pdf file including all of the components listed above (items 1-10). There are several software products for converting common file formats to pdf, e.g., CutePDF™.

Applications are submitted electronically. Please login first if you have already created a profile.