150th Anniversary of the Darwin-Wallace Papers


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On July 1, 1858, Darwin's friends Lyell, Hooker and Bennett presented excerpts from Darwin's yet unpublished "Origin of Species" along with Wallace's letter to Darwin at the Linnean Society of London meeting. There were only 27 men present, including Lyell and Hooker. The Darwin-Wallace papers were read along with five other papers at the end the end of a long business meeting, and presumably due to the massive amount of information and the length of the meeting, Darwin and Wallace's ideas generated virtually no interest. The papers were published in the Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society, Zoology journals in August, 1858 (Moody, 1971).

The Linnean Society has more information about the event, including Moody's complete description and the Darwin-Wallace papers.

Background image by Jan van Kessel, 1653

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