Post-genomics in Animal Science Research and career prospects

25-Mar-2008 - 28-Mar-2008
Conseil Regional Ile de France and INRA

Facing the challenges of the post-genomic era implies a change of scale for which researchers have to be prepared. In response to these major scientific and economical issues, initiatives in system biology and epigenomics are teeming. The programme of this research school aims to facilitate the identification of coherent strategies for research prospects as well as training (initial and life-long) and careers. This change of scale implies the defragmentation of research activities, disciplinary barriers, applied and fundamental frontiers. Consequently, the programme is built around three main sequences: a science update, project building and trans-disciplinary processes. We mix in a very innovative way scientific conferences on key topics, technical lectures on project building, interdisciplinarity and careers, and workshops where attendees will practice project building in transdisciplinary interactions. This training should guide each participant to define his(her) role in creating the best research environment (institutional and business) to tackle the complexity of the post-genomic challenges. [ more ]