The 13th Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology

20-Aug-2010 - 25-Aug-2010

The 13th Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology
Tuebingen, Germany, 20-25 August 2011

is now online at with some first important benchmarks.
Check again in the autumn for details on registration and submission
(we'll remind you).


A substantial part of the programme relies on the assistance of
fellow-scientists like you, who are prepared to organize a symposium.
is a call to submit proposals by 31 July 2010.

Symposia typically start with one or two invited speakers (40 min) and
are followed by submitted talks (20 min) (actual duration will be
to allow participants to change rooms). Symposia take place in one,
two or a maximum of three 80-min windows. On special request, symposia
can take the form of a discussion round or other more interactive forms
of scientific exchange.

A symposium proposal consists of:

1. One organizer (for all communication) and one co-organizer (as a
replacement) with contact details. Both are committed to attend the
whole meeting. We do not provide financial support for organizing a

2. Topic: Anything related to short-term or long-term evolutionary
change, with preference for well-defined, emerging fields or new
trends in established fields. Please provide a short, tantalizing
title as well as a 5-line summary that can be used for an online
overview of symposia.

3. Proposal details: Summarize in max. 1 page why you think this makes a
good subject for the next ESEB Congress and propose up to 4 possible
(alternative) invited speakers (please check beforehand whether these
people are available íV a firm commitment is not yet necessary at
this stage). If feasible, attach a list of possible submitted
contributions (name + institution). ESEB will waive the registration
fee for the (one or two) invited speakers in symposia. Please
indicate whether you can generate financial support for accommodation
or traveling of the guest speakers.

4. Time window: Explain why you want to apply for one, two or three 80-
min time windows.

5. Submission: Send an email before 31 July 2010 to nico.michiels@uni- Proposals will be evaluated and selected by the Local
Scientific Committee. We expect to decide on symposia by the end of
October at the latest. Symposia proposals on overlapping subjects may
be requested to fuse.

6. A call for contributed papers will be sent out in December 2010.
Symposium organizers must be prepared to screen submissions for their
symposium (online evaluation system).