How Can Sexual Selection be Measured?

02-Oct-2010 - 02-Oct-2010

2 October 2010, directly after the ISBE-meeting in Perth, Western
Australia, a Post-Congress Symposium will be arranged on the theme
"How Can Sexual Selection be Measured?"

Measuring sexual selection is not straightforward and since this is
still an unresolved question, with no general consensus, we think this
will be a highly stimulating subject for a post-ISBE symposium.

Our aim is to create an open minded discussion on this subject. We
hope to achieve this by talks and participants that represent a mix of
theoretical and empirical approaches. Eight short talks will be given
by Particia Gowaty, Stephen Hubbel, John Hunt, Hope Klug, Aline
Magdalena Lee, Patrick Lorch, Michael Wade and Michael Webster. In
addition, we will devote a fair amount of time to discussion, both in
smaller groups and in a joint discussion.

Registration: All participants of the symposium have to register for
the main meeting ( As part of the
registration, you'll be asked to tick a box for a Post Congress
Symposium: Please tick ours! :-) N.B. The deadline for Early Bird
registration is 28 May 2010.

We look forward to see you in Perth!