Molecular Evolution Gordon Research Conference

03-Feb-2008 - 08-Feb-2008

The Molecular Evolution Gordon Research Conference brings together leading junior and senior scientists from around the globe to discuss current research as well as emerging opportunities and challenges in molecular evolution every two years in Ventura, CA. The 2008 meeting will feature dynamic sessions on Exploring Adaptive Landscapes, Evolution and Environmental Genomics, Molecular Basis of Heart Evolution, Measuring Evolutionary Timescales, Evolvability of Gene Networks, Positive and Negative Selection on Noncoding DNA, Molecular Evolution of Body Axes, Computational and Statistical Advances, Microevolution of Development. Our idea was to get a mix of speakers and topics to generate new ideas and discussions on how Molecular Evolution affects the evolutionary process at multiple levels. The ocean-side location is located in the town of Ventura, and provides a wealth of opportunities to engage in scientific interaction and at the same time explore on foot the beaches, town, and adjacent hills. Whale-watching, winery tours, the Getty Museum and other attractions are nearby. We particularly encourage participants to present posters on their research, and there will be ample opportunities for discussion. This is a terrific venue to meet leaders in the field and get their feedback about your research ideas. We hope to see you at the meeting! [ more ]